Movies Coming to Theaters August 2021

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The film industry presents another month of strong watch-worthy contenders with this lineup of movies coming to theaters in August 2021. We’ve got drama, humor, comedy, sci-fi, and a couple of horror flicks in the mix. Which will you fix your eyes on first? Consider these feature films for your next outing.


Release Date: Friday, August 13th, 2021

                In honor of Aretha Franklin, this cleverly titled film will grace our screens on August 13th with an all-star cast. This August 2021 film features Jennifer Hudson playing the undisputed “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin. The powerful performances don’t end there as Queen Latifah, Marlon Wayans, Mary J. Blige, Audra McDonald, and Skye Turner will also be a part of this movie. The film will cover Aretha’s upbringing as she transforms from a talented child to a world-renowned singer. Known for hits like “Respect,” “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” “I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You),” “Do Right Woman Do Right Man,” and “Chain of Fools”— this movie is sure to be a slam dunk due to the soundtrack alone! But have no fear, after an intimate screening, Aretha’s oldest son himself exclaimed, “We had a wonderful time watching the film. Jennifer Hudson did a phenomenal job as well as the rest of the cast.” So, gear up to see this biographical musical drama this August in theaters.


Release Date: Saturday, August 20th, 2021

                Hugh Jackman leads the way in this Sci-Fi Thriller. Giving her directorial debut, writer Lisa Joy– known for her contributions to the HBO series Westworld– gives us plenty to bite on. The plot follows a scientist (played by Hugh Jackman) as he invents a way to relive the past. He not only utilizes the technology on eager clients but uses this innovation himself to search for his long-lost love. But, as with any movie, it’s not that simple. Things go awry, and he also uncovers some daunting things about a mysterious woman that has caught his eye while digging back in time. As the trailer alludes to: nothing is more addicting than the past. Watching both Hugh Jackman and others uncover the truth about the lives they put behind promises to be unpredictable, violent, full of action, and brushed with a hint of romance. Don’t miss a chance to see this unique storyline unfold on August 20th in theaters.


Release Date: Friday, August 13th, 2021

                Another unique plot will grace the big screen this August with Free Guy. Ryan Reynolds brings yet another humorous beloved character to life as he plays a man who discovers he is nothing but a mere video game character. Once this life-changing (or video game-changing) discovery is made, his existence takes a quick turn and he digs deep to change his stars. Will he change the game? Or maybe even get out of the game? You’ll have to buy a ticket and find out this August. Some things, though, are for certain: this flick will entice a lot of laughs, over-the-top action, and romance.


Release Date: Saturday, August 20, 2021

                Action, violence, and Samuel L. Jackson – the only three reasons you need to get off your bum and go see this movie on August 20th. Anna (played by Maggie Q) dominates the screen as an assassin’s protégé. The assassin, known as Moody, is played by Samuel L. Jackson. Raised by Moody, Anna seeks revenge after he is brutally murdered. This blood-stricken revenge movie promises lots of confrontation and dazzling fight scenes. The main character, Anna, is in good hands with Maggie Q as she is no stranger to action. This fierce actress has already starred in a plethora of high-profile action-packed films such as Mission Impossible III and Live Free or Die Hard. Though, she is most known for her lead role in the CW action series Nikita. Safe to say this thrilling feature film was well-cast. Thus, we’ve all got some pretty high expectations for Protégé’s release on August 20th.


Release Date: Friday, August 13th

                This terrifying horror sequel is a follow-up to, you guessed it: Don’t Breathe. The original film debuted in 2016 and earned 157.8 million at the box office with a 9.9 million production budget. Not too shabby. The OG thriller Don’t Breathe also has a respectable standing on with an 88% film critic score. With everything considered, the sequel has some big shoes to fill. The jury is out for the film’s release on August 13th.  The plot of Don’t Breathe 2 provides an intriguing contrast to the first movie as it structures Stephen Lang, the “Blind Man” from the original flick, as the main character. Now in the current time, the Blind Man has lived years in isolation in a cabin. He is raising a young girl orphaned from a fire when karma comes creeping in. He must save her from a pack of kidnappers. Moviegoers should prepare themselves for uncomfortable suspense and an array of jump-scares. Don’t Breathe 2 hits theaters this August on Friday the 13th.  How appropriate.


Release Date: Friday, August 27th

                Another movie to give you the creeps. Producer Jordan Peele gives us an additional movie to haunt our dreams for many years to come. Introducing: Candyman. This August 2021 film follows up the last movie in the Candyman series from 1992. This will be the 4th film in the series. If you haven’t seen the previous flicks, no worries – Director Nia DaCosta brings a whole new lens to the table. You’ll be just as horrified without watching the previous movies in the series. A familiar plot, the Candyman, is a long-running ghost story amongst the local community. Or is it? As it turns out, the Candyman may be very, very real, and closer to home than you may think. Unravel the terrifying truth on August 27th when this Horror/Thriller graces us with its presence in theaters.

Did we miss any noteworthy movies coming out in August 2021? Comment below and let us know. If you missed July’s roundup of movies, click here and catch them while they’re still available in theaters.

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