JohnHart Campus Is Coming Soon!

Overhead photograph of JohnHart Campus, owned by JohnHart Real Estate in La Crescenta-Montrose. Red building, two stories with a white roof.

It’s official: JohnHart Real Estate is entering uncharted territory with a next-level mega office structure nothing like the community has ever seen before. This new epic company headquarters appropriately named “JohnHart Campus” is set to open in the coming months at 2428 Foothill Blvd. Featuring a gym, a library, an outdoor terrace, grand coffee bar, private parking, and a forward-thinking open layout—this campus is sure to drop some jaws and open the door to many more fruitful possibilities for the company’s real estate agents, staff, and the community alike.

The Journey to JohnHart Campus

With over 350 agents and 70+ staff members, JohnHart Real Estate is quickly outgrowing their current 10 statewide office locations in both California and Nevada. The company’s growth has been rapid for over a decade since first opening their doors in Glendale, California. However, this past year JohnHart Real Estate has shown an especially immense growth spurt. Year 2021 started out with a bang with the opening of two Las Vegas locations, in addition to the opening of their second Sherman Oaks, California location in late 2020.

About the Campus

Although the plans for the campus are ever-changing, here are a few of the most desirable features that have been confirmed thus far:

  • Open Layout / Two Stories – Much like everything JohnHart does, this space will truly redefine what a brokerage workplace looks like. The industry standard simply isn’t up to par with the JohnHart standard. Expect two stories of an innovative, airy open concept.
  • Private Parking – The new technology-driven campus includes its own vast private parking lot dedicated to staff, agents, current clients, and potential ones.
  •  Grand Coffee Bar – To JohnHart agents and staff, this might just be more important than parking. Expect an epic coffee machine with loads of options for our coffee-fueled family.
  • Mini Library – A dedicated space to read, learn, and expand upon your growth mindset. JohnHart Real Estate is a brokerage all about education, training, and bettering oneself. This committed space will house a variety of books that will allow JohnHart members to do just that.
  •  Outdoor Terrace – A gorgeous outdoor space perfect for congregating and enjoying the warm Los Angeles weather. This space is said to feature tables and chairs as well, so agents will be able to entertain clients safely outdoors, and staff will be able to enjoy some much-needed time in the sun when moments allow.
  • Gym – Confirmed by an informal survey, the most anticipated feature of the JohnHart campus is the upcoming gym. This fitness center is sure to include something for everyone – yoga lovers, Pilate fanatics, weight lifters, cardio cravers, and many more enticing options that foster all kinds of physical activity. After all, JohnHart Real Estate members are all big proponents of healthy living.

The Future of JohnHart Campus:

The future is bright for all of our current clients, especially those who call the community of La Crescenta-Montrose their home. The future shines even brighter for our real estate agents, as well as our progressively growing staff. With business booming, and a large new central structure on the horizon, we are welcoming even more qualified staff members and JohnHart agents to join our flourishing family. With the expansion of our innovative staff, our agents are able to focus more on their clientele. In turn: everyone benefits – staff, agents, and JohnHart clients alike. Join us as we conquer new territories, service new clients, and continue to redefine real estate, nationwide.

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