JohnHart Jumpstart

Having a healthy mind and body is important, especially in these trying times. The Latin phrase Mens sana in corpre sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body) is at the forefront of our approach here at JohnHart. Pursuing a healthy lifestyle is one of our top priorities as we hit the ground running in 2021.

We are putting our money where our mouth is, by organizing a fitness competition and paying for personal trainers and nutrition plans for staff and agents interested in competing. JohnHart Jumpstart is a friendly competition for Q1 2021 to encourage an active approach to life and lower our collective BMI (Body Mass Index) as a company.

How Does it Work?

This first week of January, interested competitors will have their BMI checked and recorded. At the end of this week, participants will be placed on one of three teams, each with a different STRUT trainer as the Team Captain.

STRUT Fitness Studio

The collaboration with STRUT goes beyond simply utilizing team captains, however. Team members will have access to their captain, which includes a focused fitness and nutrition plan.

Fitbit Accountability

Not only will competitors be evaluated for their initial BMI and finishing BMI (on March 31st), but there will be an additional progress check at the midway point of the competition. Plus, in an effort to encourage participation and discipline, competitors will all be wearing a FitBit to monitor their daily step counts. These tracking devices will be associated with so that competitors can see how they match up in real-time!

The competition officially begins January 11th!

About Michael Bruer

Michael Bruer is a Los Angeles native, and serves as the Social Content Creator at JohnHart Real Estate. Michael received his Bachelor's Degree in English from Saint Mary's College, and has spent the last 10 years honing his skills in Copywriting, Social Media Management, and SEO best practices. He is an avid fan of basketball, soccer, and college football, and even performed on an improv team for a couple of years!

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