Brokerage Within a Brokerage: Growing Your Business

At JohnHart Real Estate, we love to foster the growth of our team, our army. This is something we pursue for our agents and staff members alike. Resting on our laurels simply isn’t in our vocabulary. Onward and upward is the name of the game — and the latest development of this is creating brokerages within our brokerage, by utilizing the talents and knowledge of our top producing agents. 

Recently our CEO and founder, Harout Keuroghlian, sat down with 11 of the top-performing agents at our firm, to have a candid conversation about the industry, how they operate, and what they see happening in the future for their brand. Here are some of the highlights of the fascinating conversation they had:

These 11 ladies and gentlemen have demonstrated their ability time and time again, to succeed at the highest level, and we are providing them with the tools to expand their team. Since joining our firm, they have developed their business exponentially, and are now willing to take the next step and recruit new team members. 

If you are interested in joining a JohnHart team or want to build your own team






This extraordinary group brings real clout to the table:

  • Leads
  • Training & Mentorship from a top-producing agent
  • Support from a full staff
  • Ability to lead others & teach them how to build their business, brand, and personal wealth

We will be helping these agents hit the ground running, to ensure they attract the right candidates that will push each of their teams towards excellence.

There is true strength in numbers — join our army today. 

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