The Biggest Nursery Trends of 2020

Having a baby can be the most exciting experience of your life, but it can also be overwhelming and exhausting. Let’s take the stress of designing the perfect baby room out of your life! Here are some of the year’s top trending ideas for your nursery.


  1.   Rainbows

Rainbows are making a comeback! There’s more than one way to achieve a little rainbow décor for your baby’s room. You can add accent pieces like rainbow pillows, blankets, mobiles, wall hangings, paintings, and so much more! Whether you want a whole lot of rainbow or just a touch, they certainly are a trending item.


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  1.   Floral

Floral décor is hot right now! Families have been sprucing up their nurseries with floral patterns for quite some time, and it never gets old. Try using a floral wallpaper on a wall, or simply add a floral blanket or sheets to your crib. If you still need more, add in artificial flowers or a floral painting. You could even toss in some floral print pillows and call it a day. Keep in mind the color scheme you are trying to achieve. Do you want bold and bright colors or soft and dull? This room will become your masterpiece.


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  1.   Changing Baskets

Forget those boring old changing pads. Time to make your changing area chic with a changing basket! These trendy, practical baskets are all the rage. Not only are they absolutely adorable, they provide convenience too. You can grab the handles and easily transport it around the home without worrying about leaving it out. When you are done changing, you can even use it as a décor item to place books and candles on top. Sick of picking up random toys and carrying them one by one to your child’s room? Stuff them in the changing basket and carry them all at once.


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  1.   Rocking Chairs

The baby industry is constantly changing and coming out with new and “more convenient” items. While nursery gliders certainly appear in most stores, a new trend is emerging. Out with the new and in with old! Traditional wooden rockers have slid their way back into our hearts. Originally invented in the 18th century, rockers were first used as garden chairs. Today, these wonderful gems are still just as relevant, rocking their way back to being mainstream trends.


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  1.   Vintage Chic

A little touch of vintage will leave a smile on your face. Antique furniture and chic design are making a big comeback. If a full vintage-inspired room is not quite your taste, you can always start with one piece at a time. A gorgeous vintage crib would be a great focal point for the room, and you may even get a good deal. Try a vintage sitting chair or even curtains! A little bit of new and a little bit of old gives your baby’s room the best of both worlds.


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  1.   Statement Wall

This movement will completely transform your room. Decide the color scheme, big furniture pieces, and overall feel you crave. Once you have an idea where you want to place your furniture and which wall will serve as your focal point, you can choose the best statement wallpaper or design for the room. Perhaps you decide to use an outdoor print or night sky print. Patterned wallpapers work wonders as well. If wallpaper is not your thing, accent your wall with volume by adding wood patterns and painting it. This will give you a 3D look!


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  1.   Gender Neutral

Creating a gender-neutral room is a great way to prepare for your baby before it comes! Maybe you wanted to wait to determine the sex or maybe you just wanted to get the baby room out of the way, either way — gender-neutral is a great way to go. Keep it classy with white and tan tones or add some flair with animal patterns. There are so many ways to achieve the perfect room for a boy and a girl.


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  1.   Multipurpose Furniture

This trendy trick is a must-have as a parent! Simply Baby Furniture offers this incredible crib that transforms into a changing table and provides excellent storage. You get two for the price of one. Not only will this save space in a smaller room, but it is also eye-catching. Shop their store and find out the best multi-purpose furniture for your convenience.


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  1.   Name Sign

If you are looking for a statement piece, why not go with a name sign? It personalizes your child’s room and adds a bit of flair. There are several ways to accomplish this: you can paint it straight on, use a prefabricated decal, or purchase metal or wooden characters and hang them. What fits your style the best? Personally, I love the painted wood look. You can purchase the letters and paint them any color you like!


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10.   Eco-Friendly Décor

Your little one(s) will be spending a lot of time inside playing and exploring their space, so it is important to use furniture and décor that is baby safe and eco-friendly. After all, they will put just about anything into their mouths! Here are some environmentally friendly options. You can purchase a microfiber chair created from soy and plant-based foam from If you are looking for toys or accessories — local shops and online platforms like Etsy sell organic items. Utilize conscious nursery brands like Raven + Lily, The Hunt Vintage, and Bitte Shop. Together we can make the world, or at least your home, a better place for children.

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Hopefully, these trends will inspire you to create the perfect space for your baby. Which idea tickled your fancy? Let us know in the comments! 

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