10 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Under $100

If you are like me, you get bored seeing the same old decorations laying around the house. Maybe you want to upgrade a few things that came with your home or fit in a specific room theme such as industrial or modern, but you want to avoid spending thousands making these changes. There are tons of stores where you can spruce up your house for under $100 and seriously impress your guests in the process!

Step 1: Start from the Outside with Lighting

Have you ever stepped out onto your porch or into your backyard and thought, “Wow that lighting fixture is basic”? You may discover a standard fixture with an age that matches the home. Maybe your fixture is cracked and full of bugs. Whether you are looking for something fancy, or just want a newer option, you can boost your curb appeal with the simple swap of a light! It is easy to do and very cost-effective. Imagine going from this:

plastic black and clear cylinder light for outdoors
Photo Credit: Build.com


To this!


green tree branches and leaves in background with wood overhang and a black chain leading to a clear industrial light outdoor fixture
Photo Credit: Wayfair.com


For $54.99 you just bought yourself some eye candy. This particular option can be found on Wayfair.com, where the prices are as good as the products! They have a vast variety of home décor for under $100. Be the envy of your neighbors with creative outdoor lighting that highlights the beauty of your home in the nighttime hours.


Step 2: Move on to the Dining Room with some Art

No home is complete without art! When you have big open wall space to work with, or you are searching for an elegant way to dress up your home — consider a painting, sculpture, or hanging art. It is the perfect accompaniment to a lovely family dinner or get together with friends, and offers a great talking point. Step your dining room up to the next level and add some beautiful décor. You may be thinking, where can I find a great piece within my budget? TJ Maxx has some wonderful options, like this painting, for only $39.99!

gold framed gold abstract painting with lots of negative white space
Photo Credit: TJMaxx.TJX.com


Step 3: Spice Up Your Bedroom with Curtains

If your bedroom is looking a little drab, there is a simple fix to add some color or pattern. Do you have white walls and light flooring? The same color all around your bedroom? It’s time to add a little flavor to your life. Try adding curtains! Basic, yet effective ways to flair up the place. These curtains from Shein.com are only $20 and certainly add a lovely touch to the room. This inexpensive décor will touch up any room in your home and offer a cheap way to achieve greater privacy.

designer room with wood floor beige chair with white and navy pillow dresser with decor and a plant side wood table with green plant on top beige rug window and white and black patterned curtain
Photo Credit: Shein.com


Step 4: Living Room Highlight with Accent Seating

Does your living room feature a big open space? Is something missing that you can’t quite put your finger on? Try an accent seat such as a chair or bench. Place it to the side of the couch or against a long wall. If your couch is plain, select a patterned chair to give some life to the room. You can even add a small side table or stool by its side to really create a nice space. Accent seating is not always cheap, but you can find this chair for only $93.99 on Hayneedle.com. They have a large selection of inexpensive home décor and they deliver it right to your door!

white shag rug beige wall white curtain gold side table with wood bowl and peach roses in vase on top picture above blue and white patterned lounge chair
Photo Credit: Hayneedle.com


Step 5: A Designer Living Room with Accent Rugs

Your house will feel much homier with a large accent rug. Determine how much space you have and pick out an appropriate size. Do you want the rug to sit partially under the couch? Are you envisioning some space between the chairs and rug? How big is your coffee table? Make sure to purchase a rug larger than your coffee table that fits the space how you intend. Accent rugs provide a cozy environment while showing off your style. Amazon.com offers this rug for $89. If this isn’t quite your style, they have thousands of others for you to choose from. Do not spend $200, scroll through their amazing options from the comfort of your home.

wood floor with white and beige patterned rug a beige couch beige chair white curtains with window plants
Photo Credit: Amazon.com


Step 6: Decorate Your Office/Bonus Room with An Entertainment Center

Forget unsightly cords. Throw out your old, broken-down table and organize your DVDs, games, and gaming systems with a beautiful new entertainment center. Think about the feel of the room. Is it rustic? Is it dainty? Does it have that bachelor pad feel? Then, pick out a center that fits the room. Do you have a LOT of stuff? Choose something with cabinets or ample shelving. Do you only have a few items to store? Go simple and choose this gorgeous entertainment center from Target for $74.99. Target has a variety of centers you can purchase for less than $100 that will fit your home perfectly.

gray entertainment desk with black metal legs
Photo Credit: Target.com


Step 7: From Boring Bathroom to Banging Bathroom with Artificial Flowers

Bathrooms tend to be the smallest room in a house. You want to avoid over-decorating them and further cramping the space. How can you add a personal touch? Spruce up your bathroom with some artificial flowers. Bathrooms are not commonly perceived as beautiful, inviting places, so throwing in a vase with flowers is one way to create that homey feeling. You will not believe the outrageous prices charged at some stores for such small décor. Expect upwards of $100 for items like this at certain locations. Instead, check out Overstock.com. You will find this statement flower box for just $26.49. Looking for a different color or vase? Not to worry, Overstock carries pre-arranged flowers by the hundreds.

gray wooden planter box with artificial purple lavender flowers
Photo Credit: Overstock.com


Step 8: A Little More Bathroom Bling with Shower Curtains


Considering the amount of space a typical bathroom offers, you want to keep it simple with your design. One way to implement more color and patterns to transform your bathroom is with a new shower curtain. Let’s keep it real, shower curtains get nasty after some time, and your bathroom could use a touch-up! They are extremely easy to put up, and you will be amazed by how much they can change your space. You could spend $50 on some top-of-the-line curtains, or you can spend $15 on shower curtains that look exactly the same at Big Lots. They have patterns, they have color, they have neutral tones, they have texture. Spend your money wisely and give them a try!

white walls light floor with blue patterned shower curtain and hanging art with wood side table blue wash cloths and candle
Photo Credit: BigLots.com


Step 9: Dress Up Your Guest Bedroom with Throw Pillows

The hard truth is: we tend not to put as much effort into a room we do not use. Guest bedrooms are usually rather dull, but that is where our family or friends make themselves at home. Creating a beautiful environment for our guests to stay should be important. Even if you use a basic bedspread and sheets, there are ways to beautify that bed for your loved ones. Throw pillows are a great way to do the trick. Use a few different throw pillows to give that room some pizzazz. Stack them against one another on the bed, and voila, your guest room just became a whole lot more charming. At Hobby Lobby, they have throw pillows galore, like the one below for $10. What an inexpensive way to give your guests a touch of delightful décor!

grey and beige fringe hippie throw pillow
Photo Credit: HobbyLobby.com


Step 10: Expand the Space in Your Master with A Standing Mirror

Does your bedroom feel tight? Or maybe your master is spacious, and you aren’t sure how to decorate that long wall? Add a standing mirror! Not only do they make your room feel bigger and add a touch of elegance, but they also reflect light and make a great area for you to test out a full look! I’ll be honest, standing mirrors can be very expensive, with some upwards of $500. That is just too much to spend on something like this. Alibaba makes stunning standing mirrors available for low costs. Purchase a brass framed mirror, wood-framed mirror, or custom metal framed mirror, delivered right to your door. This gorgeous standing mirror is available for $70 from Alibaba.com.

grey walls and carpet corner of bed with large standinf designed mirror with metal frame
Photo Credit: Alibaba.com


Now that your creative juices are flowing, it is time to get to decorating! Order your favorite decoration or walk in store to personalize the experience. We would love to see the results! Comment below with your pictures, ideas, and which item you like the most. 

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