Best Restaurants In Sherman Oaks With Outdoor Dining: Open Now!

Are you ready for the third round of our spectacular outdoor dining picks near you? I know I am. Sherman Oaks is a great place for some truly heavenly restaurants, and these picks are prepared to dazzle. Wait until you try what we have in store. 

1.       Blu Jam Café

The food tastes as good as it looks! This fantastic café knows how to dish out the most mouth-watering plates you’ve had in a long time. Never frozen, no corn syrup, no artificial flavors, ‘If you can’t pronounce it’ they won’t serve it! “From organic, non-GMO tofu for our vegan dishes, to our nitrate-free bacon and farm-fresh organic eggs, we always strive to give you the best quality, the best service, and the best experience…” Get yourself to the Blu Jam Café today; how much longer can you really wait? 

crispy french toast with berries like blueberries and strawberries sprinkled with powdered sugar and frosting dipping sauce in a side container on a long white rectangular plate
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2.       Garden Café

Owner Saeed Nezhad established the Garden Café eight years ago to create a space where family, friends, and even pets could come together in a welcoming backyard environment. They offer an array of menu items for even the pickiest of eaters and locally source their beer and wine. Stop by to experience this garden restaurant oasis! 

garden cafe outdoor patio with trees plants and vines surrounding on brick floor with stone tables metal chairs with red cushions enclosed with a metal pergola
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3.       Anejo Café and Grill

This top dining spot will bring you an authentic Mexican experience. From its vibrant atmosphere and décor to the spacious eating arrangements and live entertainment, you are sure to leave wanting more! Not to mention, Anejo Café and Grill also features a lounge area, full bar, and a fresh & innovative menu.

anejo cafe and grill outdoor dining with stone floor tables with white table cloths yellow paint and yellow umbrellas beige wicker chairs red folded napkins plants on tables and around heaters lights
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4.       The Sherman

This industrially-designed restaurant is THE place to go for scrumptious American cuisine. They use high-quality ingredients that are always fresh to craft exquisite specialty dishes and cocktails. What would American food be without a nice, cold draft beer to accompany it? The Sherman has you covered: they spotlight top local brewers so you can have a little taste of the community! 

the Sherman front side of business looks like old wood but is new with wood overhang windows outdoor patio with people sitting
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5.       O’cado Restaurant

This unique restaurant invites foodies of all kinds. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or love meat, O’cado offers plenty of options. Try the crusted grilled cheese, crispy buffalo cauliflower, avocado toast, or appetizing bratwurst sandwich. If those don’t tickle your fancy, their vast menu offers multiple other creations to appeal to different palettes.

o'cado outdoor dining patio with wood and metal gates wood framed brick art ceiling fans people eating and drinking at wood tables recessed lighting glossy floors
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6.       Marmalade Café

Whether you’re looking for the perfect breakfast getaway, an inviting lunch spot with friends, or a delectable dinner option with loved ones, Marmalade Café is the place for you. Originally opened in 1990, the demand for this amazing food prompted the owners to open multiple locations across California. Now you can enjoy the gorgeous décor and stupendous bites in towns near you!

marmalade cafe breakfast lunch dinner brunch happy hour restaurant front yellow green and wood with pink hanging flowers wood gate plants upper windows with yellow and green striped shades and metal under part glass windows outdoor patio
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7.       Toast Café

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert- you get it all at this adorable café. They make it easy for you to enjoy your tasty food with online ordering, catering, and delivery options. Snack on tasty avocado egg rolls, guacamole ciabatta bread, or a veggie quesadilla. They deliver a plethora of unique options to make you scream for more! 

toast cafe outdoor dining area with wood looking gated eating metal chairs with wood tables chalk board black overhang lit up with string lights large glass windows looking in and people sitting and eating and drinking
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8.       Nesmon Café and Boutique

Why spend thousands of dollars flying to Paris and dining out when you can experience a taste of this beautiful city in your own neighborhood? Nesmon Café and Boutique provides an authentic bite of Paris’ best foods, market goods, and gifts for your pleasure. Shopping and dining experiences like this are rare.   

nesmon outdoor patio area with shiny glazed stone tables and red white and yellow wicker chairs metal gating aluminum silverware holder with utensils sugar packets salt and pepper with a table holder displaying 6 planter table umbrellas overlooking street
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9.       Boneyard Bistro

This upscale setting features slow-cooked meats, eclectic bistro fare, and a massive beer selection is sure to give your taste buds a run for their money. Boneyard is the perfect place for comfort food. Check out their cozy outdoor dining, open now. 

bbq boneyard bistro restaurant front with windowed outdoor dining patio wood front black and brown large glass windows with a sidewalk and trees cement floor
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10.   La Cava

Italian food lovers: feast on the authentic gourmet foods brought to you by La Cava’s Italian founder, Armando. Armando runs restaurants both in Los Angeles and Italy. He strives to create fresh, simple, and delightful flavors. The restaurant is absolutely gorgeous — offering an outdoor dining area decorated with lights and plants for the ultimate ambiance. You must check this place out! You do not want to miss out on their homemade ravioli and delicious garlic bread topped with tomatoes and basil. 

la cava dining patio with wood tables eggshell white and brown wicker chairs 2 forks salt and pepper with a small white table candle a red glass of wine fabric napkins bushes with string lights cement floor overlooking the street with a parking meter
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Try out your favorite place and let us know what you think in the comment section! Here at JohnHart, we love foodies. Stay tuned for our next Top 10 outdoor dining picks.

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