Best Restaurants In Long Beach With Outdoor Dining: Open Now!

Get your food bib ready, it is time to work up an appetite and dine at one of these spectacular restaurants! Are you a Long Beach native or just enjoy dining in different cities? We have got just the spots for you.

  1. Saint & Second

Gorgeous atmosphere, locally sourced cuisine, organic cocktails, and hundreds of curated whisky options. This place is truly a showstopper.  Passed on through generations of family, Saint & Second focuses on craft and quality. Bite into a juicy burger, swish around their Minted Rory, or snack on the house-braided onion bread. Your taste buds will thank you.


outside view of restaurant wood panels dark night with clouds in sky lit up lots of people street view with bikes and a car

    2. The Attic

Get a taste of history at this 1920s craftsman styled home turned restaurant. This eclectic dining spot serves fresh Southern cuisine (with a California twist) that leaves you salivating for more. Their Bloody Mary’s are OUT OF THIS WORLD, topped with whole burgers, pickles, olives, and bacon. Customize your drink to your liking, they are open to ideas!


the attic restaurant outside patio red orange yellow and green lights lining the roof umbrellas outdoor dining patio with people a green tree stairs with rails heat lamps


    3. Steelcraft Long Beach

Entertainment galore! Are you looking for scrumptious food and fun activities all-in-one? This phenomenal restaurant offers a variety of games and food! Built from repurposed shipping containers, you will fawn over the unique and creative design this place has to offer. They provide live music, community events, craft coffee, food (including dessert), and a wonderful area to relax and play. Do not miss out on the fun. Try them out.


outdoor dining area with astro turf dirt connect four long wood table people eating a drinking menu


4. The Social List

You are in for a treat with this outstanding restaurant. To give you an idea of how they do things, here are some mottos they live by: “Food is communal; it’s meant to be enjoyed and shared”, “The best food is made from simple, high quality ingredients and prepared with love”, and “We at The Social List strive to bring the best quality food to Long Beach. The sausages are handmade, the bread is fresh baked, and the produce is locally sourced”.  If that does not entice you, they have another trick up their sleeve. They search all over the world and HANDPICK wine, spirits, and craft beer especially for their customers! Now that is what I call customer service.


small outdoor patio metal gate tables chairs and people smiling eating and drinking white walls with black trim lights inside

    5. Restauration

The general feeling of this restaurant is serenity. Encompassed by greenery, brimming with delectable foods, and accompanied by events, this must-visit spot is ready for your family! They encourage family-style ordering and do not disappoint. Rest assured they locally source and use responsibly grown food. Your next group outing is officially planned.


outdoor patio with long wood and metal tables and metal chairs with place setting napkins and silverware flowers and candles on table surrounded by a wall of plants heat lamps tented lighting screen chandelier and waitress in black outfit with white napkin

    6. The Crab Pot Restaurant & Bar

Ooh lala! The first thing you see when you step onto this restaurant’s dining deck, is a glorious view of the ocean. Imagine that fresh sea breeze fanning your face while you sip a glass of Chardonnay. Since it is right on the ocean, you guessed it, there is a plethora of amazing seafood options. In fact, they have what they call a Seafeast, which consists of giant steamed buckets of seafood dumped directly on the table. Seafood lovers beware: a food coma lays beyond this point!


waterfront view outdoor patio boats yachts blue and red umbrellas wood and metal tables chairs and benches cement floor palm trees heat lamps blue sky

    7. Michael’s on Naples Ristorante

You will not find any premade foods or ingredients here! Michael’s believes in making EVERYTHING from scratch- pasta sauces, mozzarella, gelato, and anything else you find on the menu. Besides their top-notch food, they host special monthly events to keep you on your toes. This month enjoy a beautiful Mastroberardino Wine Dinner, Sunday Brunch On The Rooftop, and Meatball Monday.


medium dark wood table with black leather chairs set with beige place mats white napkins with black stripes white plates and bowls with food mimosa and red wine street view with green bush on side


    8. Pop’s Seafood Shack & Grill

Whether you are traveling by land or sea, this place has you all set. They have 40 boat slips with free docking and a large parking lot which is also no cost! This is truly the spot for ultimate entertainment. Enjoy their outdoor dining with lounge chairs and firepits on the beach, views of the water, music and dancing, and a full bar with frozen tropical drinks. You can even rent a cabana for some privacy.


outdoor patio wood structure red metal gate stairs people waiting small palm tree welcome sign a bike and car


    9. 555 East American Steakhouse

This venue is the perfect location for a private event! They offer a variety of rooms you can rent out, including a wine cellar. They also have an award-winning wine list and hand-crafted cocktails, and the food is to die for. Are you looking for unique plates with a soulful taste? Try out their baked goat cheese with roasted garlic appetizer, grilled jumbo artichoke with roasted garlic aioli, or prime Colorado rack of lamb. Enjoy the ambiance as you feast upon your favorite meal.


steakhouse glass windowed outdoor dining black tented and trim light inside cacti outside with menu brick building behind


10. Parkers’ Lighthouse

Enjoy breath-taking views from every table at this delicious restaurant. They offer a two-story wine cellar, mesquite grilled seafood, and a spectacular happy hour. You will never be bored at this eatery with the live music and waterfront dining! Check it out.


ocean sitting restaurant white metal gating queen mary behind red roof with white building rocks below watch tower


You are in good hands with these delicious picks! Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments. We would love your feedback.



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