The Top 25 Agents of Q2 2020

Each quarter we honor the Top 25 Agents here at JohnHart Real Estate, and this past quarter has been a roller coaster and a half! These women and men are stars in every sense of the word. They have weathered the storm of Covid-19, the quarantine, and everything else that has been put in their path over the last three months. We congratulate them today on their achievements, their perseverance, and ultimately their strength. 

They have proven they belong on this list, and you’ll notice many of the names on this list are familiar — their consistency is commendable and we love to see them setting the bar high time and time again. 

If you did not make the list this quarter, don’t let it slow you down! Use those feelings, capitalize on this feeling of missing out, and generate fuel to catapult you to the top next quarter. There is no time like the present to begin making history, and we look forward to seeing you on this list very soon!

Please help us in Congratulating the Top 25 Agents of Q2 2020! 

1. Haik Bokchalian

2. Albert and Roubina

3. Raffi Soualian

4. Cyndi Lesinski

5. Nonna and Nadia

6. Melissa Urena and Associates

7. Michael Melik Bakchian

8. Art Harutyunyan

9. Martin and Mike

10. Lilith Berko

11. Marc Gross

12. Rafael Gevorkian Realty Group

13. Chrissy Rodriguez

14. Marlin Dginguerian

15. Derrick & Cristina Cabrera and Associates

16. Jesse and Karla Godinez

17. Nesrin Karam

18. Laura Carballo

19. Clemente De La Torre

20. Linda Ojeda

21. Koko Partamian

22. Manny Morales

23. Raffi Dakessian

24. Elvin Apelian

25. Ruzanna Khechumyan

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