Quirky July Holidays and Observations to Celebrate!

Given the current state of the world, I want to lighten the mood and talk about a  few wacky holidays & observances you should check out! These kooky days will lift your spirits and give you something fun to look forward to. Be creative and find ways to enjoy your favorite one!

July 11th: Cheer Up The Lonely Day

Make someone happy. Maybe you saw a depressing post from someone you know on social media. Take a moment to respond. Think positive. Perhaps join your co-worker eating alone at lunch. Try visiting a nursing home, say hi to a homeless person, or write a letter to an old friend, and keep the conversation upbeat! Remember to say you enjoyed the chat and their company. Making others happy is a great thing to do, and it will cheer you up too! 

cute fluffy beige small animal smiling with eyes closed and arms up in front of a sun saying cheer up everything's gonna be alright with a picture of a heart underneath
Photo Credit: Pinterest

July 13th: Embrace Your Geekiness Day

What is a geek you ask? A geek is a person who is known to be very intelligent and technically acclimated. If you are a geek, you should be proud! You have the knowledge to better industries and the innovative ideas to change practices. Today, we celebrate all the geeks who are underappreciated! Let your inner geek flourish.

white red headed male smiling wearing over sized black square glasses and a gray and blue plaid sweater with a blue bow tie in front of a gray striped background
Photo Credit: Daysoftheyear.com

July 14th: Shark Awareness Day

Sharks get a bad rap, but they are vital to the ocean ecosystem and most are not innately aggressive. Did you know you are 6x more likely to be killed by a pig than a shark? You are also more likely to die from accidental poisoning, an air or space accident, a champagne cork, eating, and a sand hole collapse. Movies often portray sharks as bloodthirsty killing machines, but the film industry is known for exaggeration. Sharks are incredibly important creatures. They are the apex predators in the sea. They maintain the species below them in the food chain and even eat off the sick. Sharks allow the ocean to thrive with a vigorous array of species. They are an excellent indicator of the health of our oceans. The next time you discuss them, think positive, and spread the good word! 

cartoon happy great white shark swimming with a circle blue ocean water background
Photo Credit: California Tattoos

July 15th: Cow Appreciation Day

Cow Appreciation Day is coming! I am so excited. Cows are amazing animals. Besides being incredibly adorable, cows are actually great problem solvers. They love to be social and often form lifelong relationships. They are loyal, affectionate beings and are known to flock to music. Don’t believe me? See for yourself on YouTube. They cannot get enough moosic. In India, cows are revered and worshipped for their strength and gentle nature. In America, cows are not generally viewed in the same way. Unfortunately, our country uses, abuses, and slaughters these beautiful creatures. This Cow Appreciation Day, create awareness for yourself and others on cow farming. Go out and hug a cow! Let us change the mindset towards cows everywhere. 

1 dark brown cow 2 white and beige cows 1 dark brown and white cow standing cuddles together as a group one cow with tongue out on a grass field with cow ear tags
Photo Credit: Bestlifeonline.com

July 16th: World Snake Day

Snakes have been around a very long time and are highly misunderstood. Let’s show our elders some respect! There are many harmless snakes that help your garden — some eat animals who tear apart your backyard and ruin your veggies. There are over 3,400 species across almost every continent. Let’s show some love and respect to these fascinating creatures!

small albino snake with a unicorn hat on light colored carpet
Photo Credit: Awesomeinventions.com


July 24th: Tell An Old Joke Day

Why can’t you trust atoms? They make up everything! What a great day to celebrate. July 24th is the day to pull out those old jokes from high school and let them shine. You can also spread “old jokes” or jokes about old people. However you decide to celebrate, lean into it! Let’s spread some joy through ridiculous humor.  

black and white photo of an old couple both wearing glasses woman's mouth is open and smiling she is happily surprised man is kissing her on the cheek he is balding they are in their house
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July 29th: International Tiger Day

Tigers- they’re greeeeeeeeeeat! These animals have received a surge of attention after Netflix’s Tiger King was released. Thank goodness. There are more tigers in captivity than in the wild. Wild tiger populations have drastically decreased due to hunting, poaching, and loss of habitat. On International Tiger Day, I encourage you to read up about their population or give support to organizations working to increase awareness and improve tiger habitats. Tigers are beautiful animals who deserve our kindness and respect. Praise tigers! 

frosted flakes' tony the tiger orange tiger with black stripes and white face and stomach with a red bandanna blue nose and yellow eyes is holding his thumb up with an open mouth smile and red tongue in front of a white background
Photo Credit: Favpng.com

July 30th: International Day Of Friendship

On this occasion, we are meant to honor and promote the inclusivity of peoples and their cultures, religions, and ethnicities. This day was created to build bridges and commemorate diversity. The United Nations suggests joining with a group or your local government to hold activities and events that advocate for reconciliation and mutual understandings. You can make a difference. 

13 people diverse group with white brown and black skin standing together arms over each other's shoulders smiling laughing and acknowledging one another in front of a white background some women wearing pants or skirts men wearing pants multicolored outfits old and young people
Photo Credit: Builtinnyc.com

July 31st: Mutt’s Day

What is a mutt? A mutt is a dog mixed with more than one breed. All animals deserve love, and mutts are very deserving. Animal shelters are almost entirely populated by mutts. Celebrate Mutt’s Day by dropping by a local shelter and visiting them! Bring a book and read to a dog. Volunteer to walk them or promote them. Share social media posts from local shelters about dogs in need of adoption or rescue. Every tiny act you do is a life-changing act for one mutt. 

5 mutts or dogs sitting next to each other small dogs are in the middle and taller dogs are on the outside they are sitting on a field with dry grass and a blue sky with small white clouds as the background one mutt is tan one mutt is black and brown one mutt is white and black one mutt is black brown and white one mutt is white and black some have their tongues sticking out
Photo Credit: Prudentpet.com

Honorable Mentions: 

July 12th: Different Colored Eyes Day

We love all eye colors here! Whether you have brown, blue, green, black, grey, hazel, or rainbow eyes, you are beautiful. Diversity is what makes this world so interesting. Different Colored Eyes Day also celebrates those with Heterochromia. Heterochromia is a condition where someone has two different colored eyes, like blue and brown. If you do not know anyone with this condition, there are many celebrities you may want to google a picture of. Max Scherzer, Tim McIlrath, and Kate Bosworth, among others, dazzle us with their unique eyes. What a wonderful world.

kate bosworth's close up face with a small smile and two different colored eyes brown and blue
Photo Credit: Quora.com

 July 17th: World Emoji Day

The day has come where the whole world stands up, or rather, sits down and texts- emojis! Emojis first surfaced around the 1990s in Japan. They quickly exploded in popularity. People began using them for every occasion- birthdays, phrases, emotion, and even clothing. Emojis have taken over the texting world earning their spot on the calendar.

round yellow happy face with eyebrows and eyes closed with smile without teeth and rosy cheeks and 3 red hearts on it emoji
Photo Credit: Amazon.com

 July 27th: Take Your Houseplants For A Walk Day

Believe it or not, plants respond to interaction. Take your houseplant outside and walk around with it. Put it in a wagon if it is too big to carry. It is time to appreciate your plant babies! Studies show talking to plants, touching plants, and playing music for them influences how they grow. If you say positive things to your houseplants and give them attention, they are likely to grow quicker and produce better results. So, grab a green friend and start forging your bond.

green houseplant with leaves and no flowers potted in a clay pot with orange feet at the bottom of the pot walking attached to a leash on gray floor with a teal wall background
Photo Credit: Imgag.com

No matter how you celebrate, these kooky holidays are sure to bring a little joy to your life. They will give us something extra to look forward to as our year goes on. Jump on the bandwagon and weird-up your month!


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