New Binge-Worthy Shows Streaming This Month: August 2020

We all have more time now than ever to binge watch our favorite shows. This month is no exception. With tons of exhilarating new shows coming, you can count on some couch time! We have listed some of the best shows premiering in August, so you don’t miss out.


  1. Disney +’s MUPPETS NOW

On July 31st, immerse yourself in The Muppets’ first ever unscripted series! Follow along as your favorite characters improv game shows, lifestyle sketches, interviews, cooking, and science shows. The “Muppisodes” also star celebrity guests like Seth Rogan! With new Muppisodes dropping every Friday, this binge-worthy show will keep you entertained. There is never a dull moment.

multiple muppets standing with each other kermit holding a banjo miss piggy holding a white dog with an orange background titled disney muppets now original series streaming july 31
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  1. Netflix’s Selling Sunset Season 3

This series focuses on the lives of realtors from a prestigious brokerage called The Oppenheim Group, and all their D-R-A-M-A. You’ll get a peek into the world of real estate, while watching personal grudges unfold in the juiciest of ways. Why deal with your own drama when you can watch theirs? Keep your eyes peeled on August 7th as Selling Sunset’s third season arrives!

Get a glimpse of the series:

selling sunset female realtors 5 of them wearing red and black the middle one holding out gold keys in front of a house with a pool and blue sky
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 The CW’s Coroner

Join The CW in its grand U.S. debut of Coroner on August 5th! This riveting series was first launched in Canada, airing two seasons. It depicts the life of Dr. Jenny Cooper, a coroner who comes across a series of mysterious deaths in which she must discover the truth. Each episode brings Dr. Cooper into a new arena of Toronto city and touches on controversial topics. Watch as seemingly unsolvable deaths pull you into a world of chaos.

coroner female actor sitting on a metal barstool in the middle of a medical room that is dark and surrounded with medical supplies she is wearing blue plaid pants with brown boots and a brown turtle neck her legs are crossed she has blue medical gloves on and holding a human skull in one hand while staring at it with the caption every body has a story
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  1. Adult Swim’s YOLO: Crystal Fantasy

Prepare yourself for a fantastical animated world of bizarre adventures following two Australian girls who are always ready to party. Sarah and Rachel, two best friends, often find themselves wrapped up in conflict as they venture into lands filled with mystical creatures and a plethora of nomads. Watch as these party girls unravel a story filled with daring endeavors, launching August 10th.

animated 2 bizarre women peaking up over a bush in the forest surrounded by trees mountains and plants that are different shades of green a small house on top of a hill in the background one is blonde the other is brunette pink and purple shirts with a red yellow and orange sunset
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  1. SHOWTIME’s Love Fraud

Are you ready for a deep dive into the world of love cons? Brace yourself as you journey through a story of a man named Richard Smith who derives pleasure in preying on women- stealing their life savings, love, and trust. This docu-series will not disappoint! Tune in on August 30th for your dosage of true-life drama.

richard smith's many faces cropped faces of a man mostly in black and white with a little yellow red and teal with the logo showtime
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  1. CBS All Access’s Star Trek: Lower Decks

If you love animation and Star Trek, this is the series for you! It has already received the green light for the second season of adventures. Watch your favorite characters delve into a comical satire of living in space. The crew explores strange worlds, battles new enemies, and finds unique ways to deal with injuries. On August 6th, you are invited to share in the Star Trek expansion!

3 animated star trek characters one cyborg one green lady and one black human girl gathered around in their star ship both ladies holding margaritas all are smiling
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  1. HBO’s Lovecraft Country

This series will open your mind and jump into a universe of horror and racism. Atticus Black embarks upon a quest with his friend Letitia and his uncle George, to find his missing father. Do not look away, because this thriller is packed full of horrifying monsters- both literal and metaphorically. Join the quest on August 16th and follow along as this series gets spooky!

lovecraft country trailer released 3 people standing looking at an old mansion with mist and fog around sepia tone with tentacles trees plants and creatures coming from behind
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  1. Lifetime’s Marrying Millions

Have you ever pondered what it would be like to marry a millionaire? This captivating series explores 6 couples who come from very different backgrounds. Watch as they deal with scrutiny from family and friends and find ways to move forward. Imagine being thrown into a life of luxury for the first time. Is it worth it, or will the couples ultimately fail? Tune into Season 2 on August 5th when Lifetime unveils their enticing stories.

white and beige background sparkles pictured woman's body not showing head with a large diamond necklace wearing a wedding dress holding a bouquet of $100 bills that look like roses
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  1. Netflix’s Project Power

On August 14th, a dangerous new pill will be revealed. A pill that offers its host unimaginable power for only 5 minutes. Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt join forces to prevent the world from destruction. What would you do if you had the chance to reign?

two fingers holding a glass and metal pill with power and fire inside with a blurred out man in the background wearing a red sweater black surrounding project power
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  1. HULU’s Blindspot (Complete Season 5)

A mysterious tattooed woman appears zipped into a bag in the middle of the city of New York. Unsure who she is, the FBI detains her and brings her in for questioning. The only thing is, she cannot remember anything. Upon searching their records, scanning their database, and looking into medical records, they find no trace of her existence. Even stranger, each tattoo unlocks a secret to her past and what the future holds. This cannot miss series premieres its complete season 5 on August 23rd.


a woman and man against a light grey background and teal smoke she has tattoos and he is wearing an FBI vest blindspot
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What more could you ask for? Get comfy, grab some snacks, and indulge yourself with these thrilling series. With new shows launching throughout the month, say goodbye to boredom, and hello to entertainment!

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