And The Winner Is…

Black chalkboard background, burlap tote bag decorated in crayon with a red banner overlay with white writing reads "AND THE WINNERS ARE..."

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Well, this picture is worth $1,000!

How marvelous was this Tote Bag Contest! JohnHart started the contest back in March for two reasons: first, to help kids and their parents take their minds off what’s happening in the news and second, to give back to the community. Plus, it was a fun way for families to have fun.

Children 12 and younger received a durable tote bag and were given one rule and one rule only: draw your dream home. They could create anything they wanted with any supplies they wanted to craft their masterpiece. Once they tapped into their creative juices and completed their totes,  it was up to their parents to post a photo of their work on their Facebook Page to show off to the world their aspiring Picassos work. We received some pretty awesome entries, too! And golly, what a turn out! Parents from all over Los Angeles County convinced their kids to participate and now have a fabulous keepsake to enjoy and use in the future.

We were even mentioned in The Beverly Press for cultivating something positive and productive out of the stressful murkiness of today’s ongoing pandemic. This was a great boon to JohnHart because it highlighted that we’re much more than a real estate company: we’re basically family. Regardless of which lucky 3 made it to the top places, we’re overjoyed by the support and participation this contest received and honored to have brought some much-needed sunshine into your homes.

Now, let’s congratulate our fabulous winners!

As a reminder, these winners are based on the total number of unique engagements (reactions, comments & shares) per post.




Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! We’re so delighted you took up a brush, marker, crayon, etc., and designed your vivid dream house to share with us!

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Fanette has recently graduated from CSUN with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a minor in Business Law. Currently, she is studying for the LSAT’s and will be applying to law school to pursue a law degree specializing in Real Estate. Her primary business experience stems from the frantic pace of retail sales but has been immersed in property management since an early age due to her active role in income property ownership with parents and uncle. In her spare time, she is an active swimmer, weightlifter as well as a personal trainer, and a keen bibliophile. She’s always keen to learn and explore which explains her constant drive to take on multiple activities. Her passion for the inner workings of real estate and optimistic demeanor is what keeps her warm smile ever constant.

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