Parenting While On Quarantine

With schools closed around the country because of the coronavirus and the length of those closures looking increasingly long, millions of parents find themselves juggling full-time jobs and full-time parenting. One of the biggest obstacle’s parents are facing is figuring out a way to replace interaction that typically happens in schools or social settings and coming up with enough activities so EVERYONE doesn’t go stir crazy. Personally, I’m teaching myself how to play the piano during my alone time; but when I have my son…. I need to get creative. Below is a list of things that are FREE, fun, time consuming, EDUCATIONAL and enjoyable for yourself and kids of all ages.



One of my absolute favorite things to do with my son is watch concerts in the comfort of our home. If you haven’t been to a great show in a long time, “turn your lights down low” (Bob Marley reference), head to YouTube and search for Live Concerts. Turn up the volume and watch a artist, band or group that you’ve always wanted to see.




The world-renowned San Diego Zoo is showing live feeds of many of its exhibits. So is the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.




Most sports throughout the world are postponed during the pandemic, but you can watch many classic games for free. The NBANFLNHL and MLB have all opened up their libraries, giving fans the option to watch games from over the years.




Soak in some culture while you’re at home. Google’s Arts and Culture website offers tours of museums throughout the world, including the Tokyo National Museum and Guggenheim Museum. Virtual tours of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History are also available.




Get sucked into a movie, t.v show or documentaries that your kids will enjoy. Side Note: Let your kids pick what they want to watch and as a good parent, sit there and bite your tongue.


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