The Top 25 Agents of Q4 2019

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Not only is our Top 25 Agents of Q4 2019 significant because it’s the end of the year, but it’s also meaningful because it marks the end of the 2010s decade. The agents in this list have demonstrated time and time again that they belong at the top. This is the cream of the crop, the best of the best, and these men and women excelled at a time of the year when most want to pump the brakes and take it easy. 

The key to a successful 2020, to hitting the ground running, lies in finishing the previous year strong. These agents understand that to their core. They revealed their true colors in the final months of 2019, showcasing an elite level of dedication while firing on all cylinders.

We are very proud of these hard-working agents, whether they achieved their goals individually or as part of a team. Each of them are exemplary workers, and set the bar high for real estate agents everywhere.

This past quarter was huge for JohnHart in more ways than one. Our new partnership with Zillow is a very exciting development exclusive to us, and we added some phenomenal agents and staff members to our ever-growing team.

If you made this list, congratulations! Your achievements underscore your winning attitude, and we look forward to more greatness from you in the months and years to come! 

If you missed out on this Top 25 list this quarter, don’t fret! 2020 is a new year, a new decade, a new chance for you to ascend to glory. Use your absence on this list as fuel for your inner fire, motivation for you to push yourself to all new heights.

Without further ado, help us in congratulating the Top 25 Agents for Q4 2019:

  1. Albert and Roubina

  2. Haik Bokhchalian

  3. George Yessaie

  4. Raffi Soualian

  5. Cyndi Lesinski and Associates

  6. Tom Barseghian

  7. Nonna and Nadia

  8. Martin & Mike Properties

  9. Marlin Dginguerian

  10. Michael Melik Bakchian

  11. Larry Faris

  12. Melissa Urena & Associates

  13. The LA Agents

  14. Rafael Gevorkian

  15. Linda Grigorian

  16. Eddie Minassian

  17. Jesse & Karla Godinez

  18. Linda Ojeda and Associates

  19. Gayane Arakelyan

  20. Derrick and Cristina Cabrera and Associates

  21. Izabell Manukyan

  22. Manny Morales

  23. Silvia Hairapetian

  24. Rosalyne Cohen

  25. JazzSho

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