New Years Away From Home!

Two glasses of champagne and the bottle in an ice bucket, with 2020 numbers and sparklers

We are stepping away from all the home décor talk to introduce 5 breathtaking travel spots to welcome the New Year!


Sydney, Australia

  • Want to be the first to greet the New Year? Travel to Sydney, enjoy firework displays at the Sydney Harbour. Imagine having a backdrop of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge…. YES PLEASE!



Burj Khalifa, Dubai

  • Visit Dubai for NYE to experience the tallest tower in the world in person! Enjoy spectacular laser shows and fireworks as you ring in 2020!
  • If you want to experience the New Year festivities in the comfort of your hotel & a 6-course meal, then booking a room at the Burj Al Arab is a MUST.




Steamboat Springs, Colorado

  • Experience an out-of-this-world New Year’s Eve Celebration with a torchlight and firework parade. Skiers ski down the mountain with torchlights while fireworks explode overhead — a perfectly picturesque way to welcome the New Year. (Definitely on my list of places to visit for NYE!)


Moscow, Russia

  • Привет новый год (Hello, New Year)… The Historic Red Square or the Ritz Carlton are two places to consider ringing in the New Year. If you do not mind the cold, I suggest celebrating the New Year outside, at the Historic Red Square. BUT, if you want to experience the New Year in Russia in extravagant style, then go to the rooftop of the Ritz Carlton where you can enjoy a drink and watch the fireworks, above the crowds of people in the Red Square below.

New York City

  • “A New York State of Mind” Many of you witness the ball drop on television every year, but why not experience it live at Times Square in Manhattan?! You can visit New York City over the holidays, experience all the beautiful tourist spots, and proudly brag that you’ve seen the ball drop in person.



Let us know if you’ve visited any of these places during the New Year. If not, tell us where you’ve been and why it’s a must-visit destination! Happy Holidays Everyone!!

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