Move Over California.. Step Aside New York

First of all, I think “New” York has been around long enough, I think it’s safe to remove the “New” from their name…..

Move over California and step aside York, for the first time in who knows how many years; the most expensive zip code in our great nation is no longer in our two biggest markets, it’s on a small island in Florida. Fisher Island in Miami Beach (33109) is home to the country’s wealthiest, with an average annual income of 2.2 million.

Fisher Island is an exclusive 216-acre island located minutes off the coast of Miami, only accessible by yacht or private ferry. It features an observatory, a 24,000-square foot spa, a lush golf course, a private beach with butler service and an aviary featuring over a dozen exotic birds, among other amenities, with golf carts as the main mode of transportation.



By now you’re probably saying to yourself, “the mansions on the island must be out of this world”; “the backyards are probably ridiculous!” Think again my friend. 99% of the homes on the island are either a penthouse, condo or apartment; with an average price of $3,000,000 dollars. I’m big on having a nice backyard but if my front yard looks like some of the images below… you should have no issues talking me into it.





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