43 Million Dollar Mortgage

German investor Ekkehart Hassels-Weiler and his new husband Omar Romero are the proud owners of a 43 million dollar home in none other than Beverly Hills. The mansion, which boasts a 90210 zip code includes eight bedrooms and sits at 24,000-square-feet. Other amenities include 30-foot ceilings, marble walls, a sprawling dining room with a fireplace, a library, bocce court, sauna, massage room and a spacious backyard with a pool.

The house is not visible from the street; it sits behind a row of other “smaller” mansions so it can’t be seen. A long time ago, my friend convinced me to buy a very expensive suit for some fancy event. It was a regular black suit that to the untrained eye looked like something you could buy at Sears instead of Armani. To make myself feel better about my purchase, I left the price tag in my coat pocket so if anyone asked how much I paid.. I could show them. Now, if I were to buy a $43 Million Dollar home, I would want everyone to see it. lol




We can figure out what our monthly payments are on a $50,000 car or even our $500,000 home using some scratch piece of paper and all of our toes. Here’s what your monthly payment will look like on this beautiful estate:

On a $43 million dollar home, you’ll need to get a conventional loan. With exceptional credit, you can put down 10% which comes out to $4.3 million dollars. Mike at Golden Coast Finance can get you a interest rate of 3.8% on a 30 year loan; if I add the 3 and carry the 5, multiply that by 10 and divide by 14…… Your monthly payments will come out to $253,505.00. Very doable right??? The house is worth every penny.




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