Networking Ideas to Increase Relationships!

Do you want to grow your business around the community? Networking is the key to establishing strong relationships that will be beneficial in the future. An acquaintance may eventually want to sell their property and you will be the first person that comes to mind – if you do your job correctly. How? Get out there and create a comfortable and honest first impression by simply being yourself. It’s that easy!  In fact we made it even easier and compiled a list of Networking Ideas to Increase Relationships.

So without Further ado, here is list to get you started:

  • Networking Groups- professional environments to build relationships.
    1. REAL ESTATE: invite agents, stagers, lenders, escrow officers, potential buyers, sellers
    2. SALONS: hairstylists, owners, influencers, business owners’ associations, brand members
    3. PARTY PLANNERS: florists, caterers, designers, vendors
    4. MIXED: invite one professional from a whole bunch of different industries and mix it up!
  • Volunteer Groups- positive impact environments to build relationships.
    1. Support a great cause
    2. Become a sponsor
    3. Educate others
    4. Get involved with government organizations there are so many options:
      1. Kids
      2. Homelessness
      3. Battered Women
      4. Single Parents
  • Children’s Schools – exciting environment to build relationship
    1. PTA Meetings
    2. Kids Sporting Events & Bake Sales
    3. Any extracurricular activities
      • Interact with the teachers, administrators, staff, parents.
  • Interest Groups
    1. Find groups that have similar interests, i.e. hobbies etc.
    2. Visit the Facebook Events page and see what is happeneing near you.
    3. Visit Eventbrite and see what is happening.
    4. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to get a calendar of local events.

There are so many opportunities out there, all you have to do is look and and go!  Take a friend with you if your shy, and set a realistic goal – say 5 interactions.  Don’t leave until you hit your number.  This will force you out of your shell, and you’ll see that it’s really NOT THAT BAD!

Have fun and while you’re doing it expand your sphere of influence, if you do, I guarantee it will come back to you!

About Ovsanna Khacheryan

Ovsanna is a recent graduate from Woodbury University receiving a Bachelors of Business Administration Management. Ovsanna joins our team with a positive personality and a desire to grow within the company. She is determined to learn something new every day and apply it to her work.

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