3 Tips On How To Make Your Home Look Bigger!

New home, new rooms, new furniture, not enough space? Our goal with this article is to provide tips on how to make your home look as big as possible. We will be creating an optical illusion by using specific color techniques, furniture arranging, as well as smart lighting arrangements as seen in the photo above!

  • COLORS — provide a visual fallacy by incorporating light colors such as:
    1. Stark White to be used in rooms facing the south.
    2. Light Taupe to be used for architectural details.
    3. Blush Pink to be used in rooms facing the west.
    4. Grey Tones to be used in rooms facing the east or west.

*Consider having moldings and painting them lighter colors than the walls. This will create a bigger space by making the walls appear further.*

  • LIGHTING — positioning of lamps and mirrors is crucial
    1. Place vertical or small table lamps at 2 adjacent walls in the corner.
    2. Highly reflective mirrors are placed adjacent to the homes lighting fixtures.
  • MINIMALISM — short and simple, avoid clutter
    1. Create a focal point in a room.
    2. Avoid hanging too many items on the walls.
    3. Use one large light colored rug to create more space.

Follow these 3 steps and you are guaranteed to have your home look bigger than EVER!

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