JohnHart Real Estate Announces Plans for Commercial Division

johnahrt commercial real estate

JohnHart Real Estate Announces Plans for Commercial Division

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (August 23, 2018) — JohnHart Real Estate, a Southern California real estate brokerage, announced plans to launch JohnHart Commercial Real Estate, the firm’s commercial division this fall.

“Our goal is to further expand the business we have built over the last six years in residential real estate, while establishing JohnHart’s presence in the commercial space. Our systems, structure, and support create an environment in which real estate agents and brokers are only limited by their ambition.  The addition of a commercial division allows our agents to leverage our process in both spaces, creating massive opportunities for growth.  We do things differently here,” said JohnHart CEO Harout Keuroghlian. “For starters we provide our agents with state of the art technology, unmatched marketing, contract specialists, and more expert staff than most of our competitors combined.  Different is good, different is what commercial real estate needs.”

Mike McDonald, a 31-year real estate professional, former Los Angeles Rams football player, and experienced commercial broker said, “This expansion is exciting for all of us at JohnHart, but even more so for the community who will be directly benefiting from their fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and experienced agents.”

JohnHart has already tapped a few major players in the Los Angeles commercial real estate scene to join the team as both leaders and top producing brokers.

“We have worked diligently the last few years to grow our business, and the success of our residential division is undeniable. Launching a commercial division was never in our plans, but there is a need for a better solution in the commercial space and we intend to provide it,” said Keuroghlian.  “JohnHart’s objective has always been clear – it’s even in our logo – to redefine real estate by providing the best service to our realtors and clients. The mission will remain the same with JohnHart Commercial Real Estate. In fact, it will be elevated!”


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Founded in 2012, JohnHart Real Estate is a full-service real estate firm headquartered in Los Angeles and led by a team of industry experts. With 9 offices, over 325 team members, and north of 1,800 properties sold in the past year, it was established with the sole purpose of redefining real estate, JohnHart has a proven track record when it comes to experience, support and success. For more information, visit JohnHart Real Estate at

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