JohnHart Real Estate in Northridge – Coming Soon

We are proud to announce that the eighth location of JohnHart Real Estate will be in Northridge, CA!

This office has been one that we have been dreaming up for quite some time, and after carefully examining all the details we have locked in the location and construction is underway.

We’ve been known to do things in a big way, and this office is no exception.  The space comes in at 4,200 square feet, and our architects and designers have worked tirelessly to come up with design that is functional and fits our desired theme:  Industrial Modern.

The 4,200 sqft. space will be home to a massive all-glass “floating” conference room, a lounge, 21 private offices, and 16 prospecting stations – We Mean Business!

Why Northridge?  There are many factors that went into choosing Northridge as the home for our 8th location, but the two biggest are :

  1. Data, data, data – We make fact based decisions and Northridge fit our formula. That’s about as much as I can tell you about our formula 😉
  2. NFR – We have an acronym we like to use called NFR, or Non-Franchised Reach. For the uninitiated, franchised brokerages operate under the same brand name but the owners are different – so agents from one location can’t take advantage of other locations.  Since we are not a franchised firm, and all of our offices are owned by us, any of our agents can use any of our offices.  An agent from La Canada can meet their clients in our Sherman Oaks office, or have contracts printed in our Valencia office, or stop in and use a computer in Burbank, etc.  So, when we are planning offices we take into consideration not just how the new location will expand our reach into a new area, but also how well it plays with our current locations.  For example, we could open in Napa, and that would give us reach, but it wouldn’t give us NFR because none of our current agents would be able to utilize it and springboard their business off of it.

Northridge checks off all of the boxes, and with construction set to complete in early April we will be up and running in no time at all.

We’re very excited to share this announcement with you, and very grateful to all of our Realtors and Staff as you all made this possible.

In a month the office will be completed, so if you’re an agent in the area considering a move we encourage you to reserve your new private office while they last – Call 818-630-7814 Today!



About John Maseredjian

John is the Vice President here at JohnHart, and as such is responsible for managing and directing the firm towards obtaining its ultimate goals. He is also one of our main contributors on the Gazette, and a licensed real estate agent. (please see his agent page on the main site for more information.)

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