The Best Real Estate App: Pitch Perfect


Do what you always do, get what you’ve always got.
Do what is necessary, get what you want.
What do you want?

JohnHart Real Estate is proud to announce the launch of their new proprietary web application:  Pitch Perfect.  Designed for Realtors by Realtors, not a third party company, this application has everything an agent needs to increase their production quickly and efficiently.  

Keeping simplicity in mind throughout the design process, the application is founded on a set of 10 simple questions regarding your past performance.  Once you’ve answered the questions you simply tell the application how much you want to make in 2018, and it starts working.  Using a proprietary algorithm the application will then figure out what you need to do to hit your income goal, and it will start planning out your road-map to success.

The fun begins immediately as the application tells you what you need to do on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis, to hit your goal; however it doesn’t micromanage you, as you control your actual activities and set your schedule using it’s suggestions and timeframes.

As you complete daily activities, the application begins learning and telling you information about yourself and how you work.  It provides you with valuable insights, statistics, and key performance indicators to help you reach your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.  It even warns you when you’re falling a little behind pace, and congratulates you when you hit milestones.

It also communicates with you automatically via email, stores your tasks, and provides you with daily affirmations!

Best of all, by entering your daily activities you are given access every day to a repository of new coaching material – exclusive to Pitch Perfect users!

Sounds expensive right?  It was.  It took months of development time and programming to get this application firing on all cylinders, but that cost is not being passed along.

Why?  Because your success means our success, and that’s what we want.

So what do you want?  Do you want to be better than last year?  Do you want 2018 to be your best year yet?

Then join us on December 20th and get PitchPerfect 2018 up and running – and you will have just that!

Contact us via the contact page on this site, or call 818-630-7814 to Reserve Your Seat!

About John Maseredjian

John is the Vice President here at JohnHart, and as such is responsible for managing and directing the firm towards obtaining its ultimate goals. He is also one of our main contributors on the Blog. (please see his profile page on the main site for more information.)

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