Best 5 Home Gadgets To Get During The Black Friday Olympics

Yes! Grab your popcorn and wine spritzer, the Black Friday Olympics have begun! We all know the holiday deals cause inevitable chaos, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of some these great home gadgets! Check out my Top 5 faves!

1. Notti Smart Light by Witti

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  • Elegant Mood Light that uses high powered, 16 million color LEDs
  • Receive notifications from your iPhone or Android smartphone with a flashing customizable color
  • Music Light that pulses to the beat in a single color or multiple changing colors – group up to 4 NOTTI together to simultaneously control colors and sync in music mode
  • Night light and/or wake up light that works with your smartphone alarm
  • Compact size to fit anywhere

2. IllumiBowl: Germ Defense Toilet Night Light

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IllumiBowl (As Seen On Shark Tank) is a motion-activated night light for your toilet. It fits on the rim of any toilet & turns itself on & illuminates the inner bowl any time you walk into the bathroom at night. No more blinding midnight lights; stumbling around in the dark; falling in the toilet; or aiming in the dark and making a mess! Finally!

  • The IllumiBowl Never Fall Germ Defense Activated Toilet Night Light will keep your toilet bowl lit while fighting off germs
  • Motion-activated, lights up when you walk into the bathroom at night
  • Features 8 colors including red, blue, orange, green, pink, purple, teal, and white
  • Germ fighting diode


3. Aura Glass Non-Spill Drinking Glasses: 2-Pack

Image result for Aura Glass Non-Spill Drinking Glasses: 2-Pack

A modern wine glass that is nearly impossible to knock over… I’ll take two please! A few of these while I watch the chaos outside of Target unfold and I’ll be a happy camper!


4. Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

Image result for Ultraloq UL3 Bluetooth Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock

Don’t leave yourself at risk! Almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked door or window. This little gadget will help mitigate that risk!

  • World’s First 5-in-1 Keyless Entry Smart Lock, Fingerprint + Code + Smartphone + Knock to Open + Key
  • Advanced Fingerprint Identification, Anti-peep Touch Keypad Technology, View Logs via Ultraloq App
  • Reversible Handle, Weatherproof, Intuitive OLED Display, Long Battery Life, Low Battery Alarm
  • 18 Months Electronic and Lifetime Mechanical Warranty, DIY Installation, Auto-relock/Passage/Lockout
  • Single Latch (Optional Deadbolt Cover Plate Required for Replacing Existing Deadbolt)

5. The world’s smallest Nespresso machine

Nespresso Essenza Mini

This one speaks for itself.


Happy shopping friends!

Comment your favorite below!

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