9 of the most beautiful new homes around the world

We all love gawking at homes we will one day be able to afford…ahem. So here’s a list of the 9 most beautiful NEW homes in the world. These marvelous residences feature unparalleled architecture, astounding creativity, and most importantly, originality. Let me know your favorite…

1. In a narrow alley in Tokyo, Japan, the House in the City features rooms in a staggered arrangement. It stretches four floors, so the family who lives there has plenty of room.


2. The Binh House in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam brings nature into the city with ample trees and shrubs on its facade

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3. This mixed-use development in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is name The Capers. It’s comprised of two five-story towers with zig zag shapes and have been nicknamed “the up-ended battleships”

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4. The House With Shadows in Singapore sounds like a haunted house that should be named on Halloween. Its two story bungalow with a pool and beautiful hand crafted architecture.

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5. The Living Screen House in Sydney consists of screen walls with flourishing plants. This home resides right on Bondi Beach in Sydney was meticulously built so that the inhabitants can easily do the things they love – gardening, swim in the rain, and surf. This home features an indoor pool that runs through the center. (This home is my favorite)


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6. This humble abode speaks to the minimalist in all of us. Deep deep down. The Courtyard House Plug-in is a ready-made renovation system that can be installed inside a building so that the owner doesn’t have to tear the structure down. Beijing, China;



7. This home in Tehran, Iran, named Three Views, features three levels with floor-to-ceiling windows that face different directions. The adopted shape of this unique modern luxury residence is a transverse volume of cubes with separately directed views across the Mosha plain within the form of three suspended cantilevered boxes, each with a specific rotation to each other, creating multiple layers of minimalistic spaces refreshingly devoid of mediocrity.


8. Leave it to the environmentalist in Denmark to create dorms from recycled materials! These dorms are A low-cost alternative to traditional dorms, the Urban Rigger functions as student housing. The development, which has 15 living spaces, is made of recycled shipping containers that float in the city’s harbor.


Sunbathing in front of the Urban Rigger student housing


9. Walmer Yard in London, England was seven years in the making. It stretches over 9,000 square feet and features four timber homes that are connected by a shared courtyard.














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