5 key habits of successful real estate agents



Everyone talks about “it”, but very few make an effort to achieve “it”. What’s “it” exactly?

You know. That thing we call success.

Some days that word gives me chills and plenty of anxiety. It has no clear definition, and no way to measure it to a universal standard. However, regardless of what you think of it, you need to develop habits to achieve it.

It’s easy to be average. Anyone can be just any one. But the ones that we look at and call successful, have their ducks in a row, and do the things that the average people find excuses not to do.

Here are 5 patterns and habits I’ve taken away from the most successful people in our time that I immediately connected to real estate

1. Value Your Time

People tend to think it’s okay to save money and waste time doing things that are taxing their day more than its worth. What’s your hourly rate? And is it better to just pay someone to do it rather than waste your time doing it. If hiring an assistant to manage your schedule, take your car to get washed, or make your follow up calls for you, saves you time, then do it.

Tim Ferris likes to call this “Wasting money to improve the quality of your life. It’s like trading pennies for dollars”. And be sure to let your clients know you value their time just as much.


2. Morning Ritual

Every successful person I’ve ever read about has a routine. A habit that they do every morning. Whether it’s meditating, working out, light reading-whatever, just do it every day. Like clock work. Science also says to do your most difficult tasks in the morning because our willpower is limited and once fatigue sets in, it becomes increasingly difficult to buckle down and get things done.


3. Practice your craft

When was the last time you role played your listing presentation? Recorded your appointments and calls? Have a peer, coach or mentor review those with you and look for ways to improve. Be a student of the business and look to better your skills. Micheal Phelps, you may have heard of him, doesn’t rely on his talent to win him the Gold. That MF practices, every day.

Too many “producing agents” get comfortable. You should never feel comfortable.


4. Invest in yourself and your business

I’m sure you told yourself that this year would be the year you would get around to reading all those books you bought, or utilizing your gym membership, or just simply writing your goals and making promises to yourself. Bill Gates invests in human capital-what’s human capital? Wikipedia defines it as “The stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value.” Be a sponge for knowledge. Increasing your insight about anything is always a good thing.

If I’m not interested in selling or buying a home, what other value can you bring to the table? Why should I keep talking to you until I decide that I do want to sell.

5. Discipline

If you have something on your list to do, do it. Do what you say you’re going to do, or don’t talk about it at all. Make saying what you’re going to do and then doing it, a habit in itself. I always come back to reading for this. People tend to think of reading as some sort of chore, like they don’t see a benefit from it. But in fact, it’s just easier to say they don’t have time then to admit they’re lazy. Self- discipline is not only a skill, but it’s a sexy skill.

I’ll leave you with a quote that forever changed my thinking…

Excellence is Habit- Aristotle




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