The Top 25 Realtors For Q3 2016!

2016 has shaped up to be quite an interesting, unique and competitive year for us.  And nothing gauges how competitive it is like the list of the 3rd quarter, top 25!  I can’t believe we’ve already closed the 3rd quarter, but we have. The question is, how did YOU do?  Are you on this list?  Was it your goal to be here?  What happened, if you’re not here?  What are you going to do differently to turn it around and end 2016 on a high note? 


Let’s brainstorm about where you are currently: 


If you are on the list of the top 25, did you end where you expected to?  Are you where you want to be?  Do you have a plan to do better in the last quarter (Yes?  No?  See ya Saturday )   Do you have realistic yet competitive numbers in mind to help you achieve your goal?  What helped you make the list, but kept you from being higher on it?


If you finished in the top 10 or five, are you satisfied with where you are?  Do you have a plan to get better, more competitive numbers to round out the year and make sure you lock in your placement?  Do you have a realistic plan you can implement so that you could potentially take that coveted top spot?


If you’re not on that list, this is the time to have a really honest conversation with yourself.  Set goals and figure out why you haven’t reached past ones.  Were those previous goals too ambitious or not ambitious enough?  Were you diligent about following through with your business plan?  Were you checking in monthly, weekly and daily with your numbers, making sure you were on track to succeed?  I can’t want success for you more than you want it.  I expect the best out of each and every one of you, but it has to be part of your job and your plan to set standards that you are able to achieve and go out there and grab that success for yourself.  You can do it!  I have faith in you and I believe you can!


The end of the 3rd quarter is the time to really put some pressure and valid expectations on yourself.  While a lot of companies in this industry are slowing down, anticipating the holidays and the end of year and the mediocrity of what comes with that, this is our moment to step in and get the job done. There is still PLENTY OF TIME to achieve.  There’s plenty of time to move up the ranks and set a standard of success in this company and in your own, personal business.  Create a plan on how you get to your target and START NOW!!  2016 isn’t going to wait for you.  It isn’t going to slow down and the dates don’t change.  December 31st means there is still time but it also means it’s coming fast.  So it’s time to start planning and implementing.  It’s time to sit down and write down some important numbers on your business plan and then it’s important to crush those numbers every day, every week and every month.  You need to fix in your mind the EXACT number of transactions you want to finish with by the end of the year and be precise.  How many openings, closings and listings do you plan on having in this last quarter?  Give yourself a very realistic, yet competitive number. Nobody knows your abilities better than you do.  This is the perfect time to get honest about how serious you are about finishing out this year strong.  If you’re disappointed about where you ended up on the top 25 list this quarter, there’s no one for you to be upset at except yourself.  But you also can’t keep overshooting and underachieving. It’s time to get serious and it’s time to get ambitious.  Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today. Those cold calls aren’t going to make themselves.  Doors aren’t going to knock on themselves.  And chances are, clients aren’t going to look hard for you to help them.  All of these things need your consistency and dedication and they all play an important and integral part of your business plan. 


You also need to keep these goals on your radar.  Don’t just jot down some numbers and lose them on your desk and forget about them in a week.  I STILL read my written statement out loud twice a day- once right after I wake up in the morning and once before going to bed.  You might think it’s silly, but the power of positive thinking is an effective tool and it’s important to keep those goals in a very realistic, tangible relationship to our everyday productivity.  Plus, it’s worked for me and if you’re looking for motivation and pointers, take what I am giving you because I am proof of its success!  I didn’t get to where I am because of blind luck.  I committed. I committed when I wasn’t sure and I committed when I didn’t want to do it and I committed when other agents were struggling and slacking off.  I committed because there was no other option for me and I knew that if I just kept working the system, the system would work for me.  So I don’t just think it works, I know it works.  Whatever you need to do to make the plausibility of your own success real, however uncomfortable or ludicrous, you need to do.  Is there some way to reward yourself once you’ve reached those goals or targets? A vacation you want to take? An expensive piece of jewelry you want to buy for yourself or your spouse?  Some home modifications you’d like to do to upgrade your own investment? Whatever propels you to your own success is worth it.  The bigger the ‘why’, the more tangible the ‘how’ becomes. If the reason is so important that there’s no other option, then the only option is success.  Those are very humbling and poignant realities for us all. Take this opportunity. Don’t take it as an affront, don’t look at your friends and colleagues and just think “oh good for them”. Realize that you can have that same rush of success as well. It’s never too late to finish strong.  Find your motivation.  Commit to your own success.  Climb over any obstacles that seem insurmountable and dominate. Because you deserve it and because this is what we are all here for. Congratulations on a successful 3rd quarter, team, and here’s to an even bigger, more successful and more dominating end of the year.


The Q3 Top 25 List!

1. Team House

2. Amy & Marlin

3. Cyndi Lesinski and Associates

4. Albert & Roubina

5. Manny Morales

6. Nick Khachian

7. Raffi Soualian

8. The Barasch Group

9. Christina Marquez

10. Rafael Gevorkian

11. Linda Ojeda and Associates

12. Jasmen Ghookassian

13. Nonna & Nadia

14. Lilith Berko

15. Marina Sermanian

16.  Melissa Urena

17.  Izabell Manukyan

18. Jazmin Asbun

19. Larry Faris

20. Elaine Quizon

21. Koko Partamian

22. Cheryl Manansala

23. Diana James

24. Henrik Alaverdyan

25. Tricia LaMotte

Congrats to the Top 25 & to everyone else who is going to use this as motivation to destroy their goals for Q4!!!

About Harout Keuroghlian

After working with, and for, many different real estate firms, it became apparent to Harout that there was a major disconnect between what consumers needed/wanted and the service that was being provided to them. It was upon this realization that Harout founded and opened JohnHart Real Estate; and as the CEO/Principal Broker he has continued to break from the norm and redefine real estate with an insatiable appetite to give his clients the service and attention they deserve.


WOW! Congrats to all!!! Working hard pays off and it’s definitely showing! It’s time to kick it into high gear and make the 4th Quarter our best one yet! Let’s do this!! BOO-YAH!!!!!!

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