First Look: Maple at Descanso Gardens in La Canada

maple at descanso gardens

Although it may be lighter literary fare than my usual articles, being a La Canada “hometown boy” it seemed only fitting that I write the first blurb about this amazing new brunch spot. Those who are native to LA, or simply “in the know”, know that Descanso Gardens is truly a hidden gem. Nestled against the Foothills, just out of reach of DTLA, this 150 acre public garden is packed with lush landscaping, exotic flowers, and the wildlife that comes with both.

Growing up my brothers and I would always complain when we had to go here for various events and what not, as we would’ve rather watched paint dry than look at flowers and birds; however it seems that with age comes an appreciation for nature, tranquility, and serene spaces – all of which aptly describe Descanso Gardens.

So, while 10 year old John couldn’t care less about the new addition to the Gardens, present day John is pretty excited as he is a firm believer that adding food to any thing makes it better 😉 Furthermore, one should keep in mind that we aren’t talking about peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when we say food. We’re talking about food from renowned chef Mark Salazar and backed by the international restaurant group: Patina. The menu is going to be seasonal, with items rotating on and off, and there are rumors that in late November they may add Dinner to the rotation.

There is no doubt that this will be the place to have brunch in LA, and seeing as how it is only open from 9-2 pm on the weekends it is going to be ultra-exclusive by default. This weekend is the opening weekend so be sure to get on the phone now and make your reservations.


p.s. if you can’t get a reservation stop by our La Canada office and one of our real estate pros will sell you a property in LC – perhaps being a local will carry gravitas with the Maitre’D! Small price to pay for good food IMO 😉







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