Rolling in the “HILLS”…..Beverly Hills that is.

Adele is officially apart of the 90210 entourage. She has purchased a $9.5 million estate from Emmy winning live producer Don Mischer. This Beverly Hills estate in quietly hidden up in the mountains where privacy is guaranteed. Her family will be living in a 6,600 square foot home that has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, high ceilings, two formal living rooms with fireplaces, backyard with a swimming pool, gazebo, swings, a dog run, and a tree house (her little boy will enjoy that).

If the “Hello” singer every gets bored or lonely at home, she can invite her celebrity neighbors over. Cameron Diaz bought one of the surrounding properties back in 2010 for $9.5 million. Zoe Saldana is another neighbor who has a property that was bought for $8.7 million. Hunger Games start Jennifer Lawrence (also best friends with Adele) lives in an $8.2 million property that was bought in 2014.

Adele has nothing to worry about; she is surrounded by neighbors who love privacy just as much as she does. However, if she decides to throw a party, it will be one crazy fest full of A-celebrities plus their guests. Uninvited guests  will be saying Hello from the other side (of the gate).


Photos by Douglas Elliman

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