The Four Traits of Highly Effective Realtors


Ever wonder what makes top producing agents so successful and effective?  If yes, keep reading – if no, now you are so keep reading.  The answer lies in a shared set of  “success traits” that drive these agents to excel.  Sales stardom doesn’t necessarily rely on the embodiment of these traits – but rather to what degree you express them.

The 4 traits most pertinent to achieving sales greatness are widely agreed upon to be dominanceinfluencepersonal values, and emotional resilience. The combination and intensity of these traits conveyed in an individual are key predictors of how easy or difficult it will be to find success in a sales role.

As a stand alone trait Dominance will take you the furthest.  Those with dominant demeanor’s are the “get it done by all means necessary” types.  These individuals are extremely motivated to complete all tasks and goals set forward for themselves.  Highly dominant individuals would rather seek exoneration after the fact then permission before.  Get it?  Be dominant.

Following dominance on the list of money making characteristics is influence.  Highly influential people are those we deem “people persons”, who find true joy in conversing and connecting with others.  It comes with no difficulty for them to walk into any social gathering a stranger and leave everyone’s best friend.  This being said, a common setback in those with ONLY the gift of gab is a tendency to talk excessively without accomplishing too much.  Without dominance, these individuals are prone to feeling uneasy in situations where rejection is a likely outcome.  On the other hand, when teamed up, influence and dominance create a dynamic duo poised for sales greatness.

An exceptional salesperson is driven by their personal values. Those who value practicality above all tend to succeed in this setting.  A practical human being is someone more concerned with the actual doing or use of something, rather than theory and idea alone.  When confronted with any piece of information the pragmatic salesperson will be thinking, “how can this help make me more money?”.  Utilize any and all resources available to you as means to better yourself and your situation.

Those who have experienced a great deal of success have had to battle through their fair share of rejection along the way.  This final trait seen in ALL top sales producers is emotional resilience – one’s ability to pick themselves up after falling.  At last years CA Association of Realtors conference, Barbara Corcoran noted that one main skill her top producers all had in common was their ability to bounce back from failures and adversity.  Sales is a numbers game – what separates the best from the rest is the ability to learn as much as possible after failing and move on without letting the past negatively affect the future.

By being the  embodiment of these traits, exceeding sales expectations will come naturally to you – without them you will find it very hard to achieve sales greatness.  You can work towards adapting your behavior, but it will prove very challenging.  How badly to you want to succeed?

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will”

-Vince Lombardi

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Excellent blog John. THX for sharing. I will add one more, which like the others, is applicable to any business – be known as that caring thoughtful person that always remembers to stay in touch to say Congratulations, Thank you, Thank you for the referral, Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays, My heartfelt condolences or whatever the situation requires, in a personal meaningful way without making it a sales pitch.

I have grown my professional practice through referrals because I have been doing so for years. The payback is enormous, and many times, when you least expect it.

Continued success John.

An excellent article. I have fallen many times but get up, brush myself off & usually start something NEW! This time I am concentrating on Seniors who are planning on selling their homes and moving into a new life style. Would like any suggestions for marketing to this growing population.

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