Real Estate Tip: Carbon Monoxide Detectors

The Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act of 2010 (Cal. Health & Safety Code §§ 13260 et seq.) has been in effect since 2011, yet not everyone is familiar with this law or enforces it. Per the law, it is the seller’s responsibility to install adequate carbon monoxide detectors as well as smoke detectors.  As listing agents, it is your responsibility to make sure your sellers are in compliance and are aware of this law to protect everyone in the transaction.

As selling agents, it’s your responsibility to advise your buyers of this law and point it out during inspections and through the disclosures.

The law requires carbon monoxide detectors to be installed outside of each sleeping areas, on every single floor. They must also be installed in the basement and in the garage, if it’s attached.

This law also applies to rentals. The landlords of dwellings must install carbon monoxide detectors in the appropriate locations.

And yes, there is a penalty for noncompliance! The seller can be fined with up to $200 for each offense.

Protect your clients with this knowledge!

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