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los angeles nightlife

los angeles nightlife

Day-in and day-out we Angelinos are subject to stress. Whether it is at work, or home, or even working from home, everyone occasionally needs a place to get away from it all, and have that out of body experience.  So what is one to do, when looking for a little break?  Hit the town for a night out of course!! 

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is known for it’s “go big or go home” mentality, and while we may not have made it on the top ten list for the World’s Biggest Party Cities, we definitely made it onto the top ten list for the US (Nothing wrong with being #2 guys ;).  Now many of you may be wondering “where should I go on a Friday night?” Well, wonder no more!  There are a countless number of venues and opportunities at which one can promote their youthful agenda within the Los Angeles community.  After all LA is known for its nightlife and celeb packed hot spots, right?  While I can’t promise that you will be bumping into Leo or Justin Timberlake anytime soon, I can promise that you will have a blast!

Whether you want to experience the city as your own personal oasis at the SOHO House in West Hollywood or expand your “small world” at Disneyland’s very own Club 33 (yes, you read it right there’s actually a happening club in the “happiest place on earth”(and yes I realize Disneyland is not in LA, but isn’t Orange County really just a little pocket of LA in the grand scheme of things ;-)).

Not really looking for a club?  Then given the volume of bars in Los Angeles, I personally recommend downloading the app “SceneTap” (download link below).  “SceneTap” is an app that allows you to view cameras set up in different bars, allowing you to see exactly what the bar looks like, and more importantly what the patrons in the bar look like and how crowded it is ;-).  It also allows you to see where your peers (sorted by age) are going out.  While the app is still in its beta version in Los Angeles, it won’t be long before this app becomes a go to resource.

It’s hard to believe that what was once baron real estate is now a mecca for nightlife, and the vibrant lifestyle that goes with it; however don’t take my word for it.  I urge you (readers of this blog) to share your own experiences below and provide us with some of your own insight into the wonders of LA nightlife.

Make sure to check out the links below for resources:

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