Real Estate Tip: Don’t Be A “Jerk”

Webster’s dictionary defines the word “jerk” as an annoyingly foolish, unlikable, rude or small-minded person. We can all agree no one likes a person who holds any of those personality traits which brings me to remind you, don’t be a jerk.

In the role of sales, especially one in which you are working with colleagues each and every day, remember to consider your tone and your actions when conducting business. You want to be aggressive and tenacious but in a balanced form. For example, when you are in contact with a listing agent on a property your buyer is interested in submitting an offer for, inquire nicely and keep your attitude in check. Yes, you are working hard to get the deal done and yes, they might be short with you, but without their acceptance of you as a colleague they respect, the acceptance of your clients offer is jeopardized. Unfortunate but true, this is the case many times in our industry. Agents want to work with other agents that are easy to deal with, open to negotiations and understanding of the parties involved.

Just like any relationship or interaction in life, your business interaction will be a major factor in whether or not you are successful. Your tone and actions apply to colleagues and clients alike. You don’t want to be the rude, defensive agent but rather the agent who is likable and tenacious at the same time. These are the agents who come out successful in the industry. The politics will always be involved, you just have to know how to execute your thoughts properly and WIN. Don’t let your ego cost you your next deal.

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