Real Estate Tip: The Perfect Elevator Pitch

With well over 10,000 real estate agents to compete with in LA, sellers and buyers are seeking prompt justification why they should pick you over the next Tom or Jane. If you ran into your dream client and had 5 minutes to make your point, how would you make it happen?

For the next week I will be posting the 6 steps to your perfect pitch. Today is Step 1.

Know exactly what you want the outcome to beĀ 

Whether to get the ball rolling on a job or actually being chosen as the representing agent, you should know exactly what you want before you plan on going out and executing it.”Your message is like your song, and you have to let it be heard,” Terri Sjodin writes in her book, Small Message Big Impact. “Believe in it, share it, and eventually, it becomes a natural part of your communication.” If you don’t have an aim or goal for what you’re setting out to accomplish, there won’t be much conviction or direction in your message.

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