Real Estate Tip: Patience and Persistence

Patience is probably the most pivotal catalyst towards managing clients and coworkers. We patiently wait on callbacks, patiently wait on feedback and patiently wait on documents. Patience in being persistent is a key factor in any successful sales role, especially as a real estate agent/Realtor. Stay focused on your goal and create a plan of action that you follow with your prospects/clients. For example, email or call 3 times ONLY. Your client will contact you when THEY are ready. Your active three calls or emails will show them you have tried and have been patient to hear back, but you are not being pushy.

Keep your eye on the ball and don’t lose sight of your goals. Patience is a virtue in times of running after a buyer for three months showing property after property or, calling fifty homeowners a day until one doesn’t hang up on you. Whichever route it is, you know you can do this and you are worthy of the sale. Hard work gets rewarded, wait and see.


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