Fall Home Maintenance Checklist



The season of cooler months is here which means we need our toolboxes and raincoats. Before the real winter season kicks in and we are dealing with rain and weather damage, here is a helpful list of things to do during autumn to help you prepare. 

Turn Up The Heat

For just under $100 your local HVAC technician will service your heating system to be sure you are in tip top shape for temperature control during the colder months. Whether its cleaning air filters or checking CO2 conditions, this is an important step.

Hit The Roof

Climb on top of your roof and do a thorough scan to be sure you won’t run into leaks during the rainy season.  Check for missing or cracked tiles/shingles and don’t miss those flashings while you’re up there.

Caulk and Seal

Grab your caulking and do a run around the exterior of your home. Check for areas where masonry meets siding as well as where wires or pipes lead into the house. These small cracks and holes can bring in moisture which can lead to mold issues if not noticed soon enough.

Clean the Gutters

For just a few hundred bucks you can hire a maintenance company to clean out those gutters. If you leave them clogged it will eventually lead to roof damages as well as leaks. Keep an eye out for broken gutter lines as well. These are an easy fix if you’re handy around the house.

Safety Check

Keep batteries on hand and take walk thru of your home. Check your smoke detectors, carbon dioxide detectors and flashlights for proper working conditions. These are three items overlooked during the fall/winter months that need some of the most attention.

I hope this list does some justice to your home during the cool months. I recommend calling in a licensed inspector and have a professional confirm your fall/winter preparedness. Although the last snow Angelenos witnessed on their rooftops was in 1962, you never know what Global Warming may trickle on your roof this year.

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