Choose The Right Lender For Your Home


Homebuyers are more aware of not only what is in their reach but more so what they want. Credit can be given to modern era of internet research and media that brings homebuyers to have expectations with their service providers especially with thousands of them in the real estate market alone. 

We write checklists, wants and needs as well as sit our service providers in the Budweiser hot seat when determining if they are “good enough”. I find that homebuyers these days are well rounded in the market and what there is to offer them. With online tools like Zillow, Trulia and others alike, they are all capable of researching the details of what options they have; but is that good enough?. That Budweiser hot seat applies more so to your lender in this market. These are the folks who can make or break deals at times. I have witnessed situations where a loan takes 60+ days, the escrow was only to be for 30, the seller has five more back up offers to move forward with and the buyer in escrow loses the property because they hung on the hopes of tomorrows promises by their lender.

In a market like the one we are currently a part of, homebuyers or borrowers I should say, should be well aware of their options and go with a company they can trust and demonstrates service that can be backed by their word. Truthfully, your agent should be recommending the best options to you based on their experience.  You will see more times than not, priority partners of agents and brokers because of their familiarity with these companies. Especially when it comes to lenders since they play such a crucial part in the home buying process. This is where the details matter and you need someone who is on your side. If you are keeping a checklist, be sure to keep one applicable for your next loan. Ask your agent who they recommend based on experience and give a good run through of your expectations.

At JohnHart Real Estate, our priority lender is Golden Coast Finance. Due to their impeccable knowledge and background in the industry, the team at Golden Coast Finance has been helpful to our borrowers from start to finish. Their service is top notch, competitive pricing and not to mention their hands on approach to the first time borrowers who need the extra hand. This is what we look for and its the service we make sure our clients get, no matter their first or 100th purchase.

About Narine "Narz" Tarverdi

Narine “Narz” Tarverdi is responsible for Realtor Relations at JohnHart to recruit, train and support our realtors. She is also a licensed real estate agent with an understanding of the core of the industry.

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