The Value Of Going Green

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A local resident’s electricity bill in the Orange County is said to show she pays $0.91 per month after remodeling to conserve energy. Going green seems to have worked to her benefit as well as many SoCal homeowners. 

Trees, shrubs and an eave seem to be serving enough shade to help use less energy in the home of many “green” residents. Nonetheless, local residents have many tricks when remodeling by using energy efficient products. The swap of standard home appliances to green approved appliances, energy efficient lighting throughout the home, a solar panel roof and natural ventilation techniques are what have brought down homeowners’ electricity bills a great deal. As for the $0.91 cents, I can’t verify that exactly but there is a definite savings in your electrify bill as well as green growth in the real estate market.

I have read about homeowners who spend $10,000 in upgrades to green approved modifications and products which have taken their home value up by an average of $38,000. It’s becoming common in California to see the average 9% peak in sales price once a home that is labeled with Energy Star or Greenpoint Rated (California approved seal). Sales of green certified homes are showing to be in the same market as the highest sales of hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius. These homeowners are making small improvements to their transportation as well as efficient HVAC systems, insulation and weather stripping which are all inexpensive changes that prove value.

Going green in your home is not only a great investment when it’s time to sell but more so while you live there.  Going green needs to be done right if you want to make the most of your investment. Many interior designers as well as consultants in home improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes, are certified in energy efficient products. Homeowners must be wise to know all improvements in a home may not be returned 100% but green living is evolving and paying off in most markets.

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