High Tech ‘Smart Bra’ Could Help Detect Breast Cancer

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breast cancersmart bra breast cancer


 What better time to announce the First Warning System, also known as the ‘Smart Bra’, than during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Statistics show 1 in 8 women are victims to breast cancer it their lifetime; which is 1,000,000 women annual of whom 400,000 will die.

The numbers don’t lie and after generations of advancing technology, Lifeline Biotechnologies based out of Reno, Nevada, has developed this warning system in the form of a bra. “It’s called thermography, which relies on very precisely detecting abnormal heat signatures from tumors versus normal tissues,” said Dr. Siavash Jabbari at Sharp’s Barnhart Cancer Center in Chula Vista, CA. This is encouraging news considering the threats of breast cancer.

The technology is not new but has advanced further in the last few years more than in the past few decades. Still in the trial stages, the “smart bra” is showing good results and those in the fight against breast cancer feel confident the device will be available to women in the United States sometime in the next two years.

The fight against breast cancer doesn’t stop here; researchers continue to work hard in developing products to help win this fight. “There are plenty of investigators currently working on bio-censors that can be implanted under the skin and then feed diagnostic information about the patient,” said Jabbari. With 92.1% accuracy in the “smart bra”, we are one step closer to saving the lives of our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces and 5,000,000 strong women in the world.

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