Errors In A Home Listing

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One may see a minor mistake as just that; a minor mistake. Where a potential buyer looking up your current listing on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) will take your mistake and drive to 1325 Polar Lane when the actual property is located on 1325 Poplar Lane.

This is a mistake that occurs more often than not in our industry. With your phone ringing off the hook or an assistant busy texting in the middle of entering a listing, its only inevitable that something will go wrong. Be sure to read and re-read your content before hitting the ‘submit’ button. It’s not always price that can prevent a sale, it can easily be the incorrect data showing the wrong number of bathrooms, incorrect lot size or even the map coordinates.

Buyers now scour the internet for information on the listing prior to jumping in the car to make that drive out and so they are likely to show up at another address. Much worse, end up in court due to incorrect lot size or bed & bath information. Many clients sue over inaccuracies in a listing which may have prevented a sale. Some mistakes can be a typo of letters, but when it comes down to actual data input on a property, make sure your accuracy is cross checked by your seller before posted.

These small mistakes won’t sell your castle, no matter how grand, spacious or upgraded the home may be. Be the smart, efficient agent that you are and take your time to dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s”; you could be losing your next sale.

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