Southern California Housing Market Strengthens

When selling a home many obstacles may come in your way.  From client questions and concerns to weather delays.  December is known to be a slow month for the housing market.  Surprisingly, report shows that last month’s sale price was up by 4% compared to the year before.

The average price for homes and condos was $289,000 which was 1.4% higher than it was in November and 4% higher than last year from $278,000.  The MDA DataQuick of San Diego found that the last time we saw an increase compared to this one was in August 2007.

The main reason believed to have caused this increase in home sales is due to the decrease in home prices and foreclosures.  Some individuals are taking advantage of the decreased prices because they do not think an opportunity like this one will come again.  Research found that about 22,300 were sold in Los Angeles areas, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura, San Bernardino and Orange County.  This amount is about 16.4% higher than November, 2008 and up 12.1% from December, 2008.

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