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Purchasing a home is a major step in an individual’s life.  Buying a home may symbolize an addition to the family, increase in income, relocation and possibly now you may need or want a bigger kitchen or closet space.  The reasons are endless; they can be emotional or logical.  Whatever the reason may be doing research about the location and the house should be crucial to your search process.

As a buyer the appearance of the house is important, but basing your decision on appearance is not a wise choice.  Doing research about the neighborhood and the house should be crucial to determining if this is the right house for you.  A Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange report from LexisNexis will give you all the valuable information needed, before purchasing the property.

When sellers say the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, make sure of this yourself by visiting the area more than once at different times of the day.  For example, if the first time you saw the house was in the morning make an effort to visit another day in the afternoon.  Usually a neighborhood may seem quiet and peaceful during the day because those are working hours, most people are not home.

According to the National Association of Realtors, more than 30 states have disclosure laws.  These disclosures require sellers to inform their potential buyer about problems such as mold, leaky roof and environmental issues.

Interestingly these laws do not apply to bank-owned homes.  In this case the buyer is allowed to bring in their own inspectors to ensure the details of the property are accurate.  Sometimes sellers will exaggerate the truth.  For example they may tell you that the entire house has been completely upgraded wiring, but when you complete your inspection you find that only one floor has been upgraded.  In this case some buyers will lower the value of the home in order for the new owner to take care of the issue.

Purchasing a home is, for most people, a long time commitment and investment.  Making sure the house is everything you expect it to be, is a matter you have to take in to your own hands.  At JohnHart we try our best to ensure the safety of our clients and make sure their investment meets every expectation.  Looking for a home is not the easiest task to complete.  We are here to make your home buying experience as pleasant as possible by providing all crucial information.

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