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For those wanting the quiet and serene ambience of the countryside, then Caldors Corner is one good place to shop for homes. The small town that lies in the El Dorado County of California is home to many beautiful parks and fishing and camping sites around a gorgeous lake. Despite its laid-back nature, Caldor Corners also has its own set of good restaurants, hotels and motels, local shops and emergency services.
Schools for children are also stationed within its boundaries making it the perfect place to reside. What is also great is that it is just around 19 miles from the airport.

So if you are one of those who have been charmed by the many interesting offers of the small town, then stop looking for properties elsewhere and look into the Caldors Corner short sale listing and seek a tenured real estate agent from JohnHart Real Estate. Doing so can help you enjoy good deals when it comes to buying your dream home in a serene place with majestic views.

Those who opt to sell their properties because of mortgage problems such as default or those facing bankruptcy, can benefit from the services our company offers. Our agents and are services act as mortgage help solutions that can help distressed homeowners come with better deals that do not drastically affect home value. Some of these services include loan modification and placing properties on the Caldors Corner short sale list. Both offer ways that lead to foreclosure prevention, which in turn allows for more satisfying deals.

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