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A major transportation center, Barstow is at the crossroads of everything San Bernardino County has to offer. Its placement along the Riverside-San Bernardino Metropolitan Area makes it ideal for everyday commute to key business areas, schools, and varying affairs. The city is served by the Union Pacific Road and Salt Lake City is just a short ride away. Our company, JohnHart Real Estate, has had successful Barstow short sales. Short selling your underwater property regardless of its current home value is one solution that can help you get out of an impending bankruptcy. Together with our expert short sale agents, interested homeowners can learn about their options and get assistance in preventing foreclosure sales.

JohnHart Real Estate also has attorneys who are always willing to discuss the benefits of loan modification options. Homeowners can sell their property and list it as one of our Barstow short sales and eventually get assistance in relocating to another part of the charming community. If you’re a homeowner and you dislike the idea of leaving the life you’ve already learned to love, our real estate agents can assist you in relocating in another part of town at the soonest possible time. Loan modification programs can be discussed by our attorney, and together we can work towards foreclosure prevention. All you have to do is contact us today, and we’ll see how we can help. You can even settle in near the outskirts of the Old Highway 58, and experience quality entertainment just steps from your door.

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