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If you’re looking for a town that doubles as a great tourist destination for either summer or winter seasons, San Luis Obispo County’s Atascadero comes tops the list. Nicknamed the “A-Town”, Atascadero is characterized by warmer summers and cooler winters compared to nearby Pismo Beach and San Luis Obispo. Atascadero is also easily accessible with Highways 41 and 46 which conveniently border the town. Views of the Central Valley of California and Pacific Coast provide scenic backdrops to the residential area. The town is covered by wineries, vistas, zoos, lake parks, and historic buildings. The landscape of rolling hills dotted with oaks has proved to be an enviable enclave for writers and musicians. Given its stature, it’s easy to find inspiration in this wonder of a city. For those who want to be part of Atascadero’s thriving community, our company, JohnHart Real Estate, offers excellent solutions. A team of expert real estate agents can help newcomers secure real estate properties in the area with plenty of Atascadero short sale listings available.

Likewise, homeowners can team up with our trusted real estate agents in coming up with ideal solutions in listing their properties for Atascadero short sales. Atascadero has numerous parks, schools, and places for recreation that everyone will find ideal for raising families. Current homeowners who have no desire to leave Atascadero and its friendly community can list their property for short sale and gain much needed assistance in relocating nearby within the soonest possible time. Call us and let’s
see how we can help.

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