Short Sale Lenders

Any one in the real estate industry will tell you that getting a listing is not the
hardest part of a short sale! The hardest part is negotiating with your lender.
Having worked on over
500 short sales
we have experience with just about every lender!
Below is a list of the lenders we work with most frequently, but if you don't see your lender do not worry, just give us a call.
We're here to help!

Whether it is Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or any other bank, one statement always proves true: negotiating a short sale is tricky.

What makes a short sale even trickier is if you don't know who you are working with! The values can come back right, the buyers can be in place, and escrow can be open, but if you don't know how the person on the lender's side of the phone works, theres a good chance you will lose the listing to foreclosure!
We've worked on short sales with the following lenders & more!
A few reasons why JohnHart is the right answer for your short sale
RELOCATION MONEY: (Shown on our "Success Cases" page as the "Total cash our short sale clients have receive")
Typically in a short sale the sellers receive no money, as they owe more than the property is worth; however one of the reasons people come to JohnHart is because WE ARE EXPERTS AT GETTING RELOCATION CASH! Sometimes as much as $30,000.00 can be negotiated from the bank as an incentive through the short sale process!
We can keep you in your property for a long time, and during this period of time you do not have to make payments on your mortgage!*
We will handle everything for you, making this process as safe, seamless, and painless as possible!
Total cash our short sale clients have saved
At JohnHart Real Estate we do things differently, and in an industry as impacted as real estate, we believe we owe it to our agents and clients to do so.